The rapid disappearance of Fibro structures from the landscape was recognised by the Gold Coast City Art Gallery when they commissioned Alan Hill and Kelly Hussey-Smith to interpret the changing social landscape of South-East Queensland.

In keeping with Tom Goldner’s penchant for all things slow, considered and nostalgic, Passage is a series of dramatic black-and-white landscapes, produced in the darkroom, based on his 2015 hiking trip to Mont Blanc.

Ingetje Tadros is working with FotoEvidence Press to create a hardbound photo book of her work, This is my country, to give a voice to Australia’s Aboriginal communities and serve as enduring testimony to the injustice they suffer.

Ever wondered just exactly what the life of a long-distance truck driver is really like? Photojournalist, Cory Wright shares a very personal and intimate reflection of life on the road.

Over a period of six months, and several follow-up journeys to a ghost town in Central Queensland, "Leftovers" would become Bowes’ first major body of work. It utilises a combination of photographs and scanned documents found throughout the town.

Borneo, best known for its pristine beaches and ancient, biodiversity-rich rainforests, is also home to a unique community of stateless citizens who are born, live, and die at sea. Mark Lehn travelled there to document these sea gypsies.

The feeling of being left alone in a car as a young child had a profound effect on Martin Usborne. The dog in the car is a metaphor for the way that we so often silence and control the darker parts of ourselves.

Brett Patman may well be the luckiest person in Sydney. No, he didn’t win the lottery, although some photographers might think that he had. Patman is one of a very select to have been allowed access to Sydney’s White Bay Power Station.

It's amazing what you can accomplish in just two days in New York during Fashion Week. Frank Farrugia's series, Villains of NYC, is proof that he didn't waste a second.

Photographer Ho Hai Tran and his collaborator, Chloe Cahill, have set themselves the mission of documenting the last remaining Pizza Hut buildings before they disappear altogether. So far, over 100 have been captured.

Gain a valuable insight into the creative inspiration and work behind Ryan Schude's epic large-scale production photographs.

Stuart Robertson’s "Peace in 10,000 Hands" is global art project that’s creating a visual provocation to challenge and reinvigorate the conversation for peace, inspired by the belief that art is intimately entwined with the human condition.

The masterpiece series, Rococo, from Alexia Sinclair, builds on the success and strength of her two previous major bodies of work.

When the photo editor at the New York Times Magazine commissioned Zachary Scott, the only information he had to go on was the title of the article his images would illustrate, “What if Age is Nothing but a Mind-set?”...

It’s unusual to meet a photographer that works on such opposite ends of the photographic spectrum as David Jay does. The Unknown Soldier is his latest, powerful project.

Take one look at his work and it’s immediately clear why Swedish-born Erik Johansson struggles to find the right words to describe his job title.