The world is always in conflict. Much of what we know about any of these wars comes from the stories of photojournalists and photographers who have chosen to bear witness. We explore their reasons, risks, and rewards.

The passion for black and white photography is stronger than ever. Four masters of monochrome explain why and how they use it across their personal work and their business.

In the third part of this series, we share top tips from the past judging panel of Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2022 across the Portrait and Single Shot categories.

Four seasoned pros share their experiences of capturing the aquatic wonders of the ocean.

Our star-studded judging panel from last year's Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers share their top tips across the Black & White, Documentary, and Landscape categories about how to improve your chances in the 2023 competition.

All the best advice from our panel of world-class judges from Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2022. Check out advice for the Animals, Architecture, and Art categories, and stay tuned for updates.

Platon has become one of the most famous NFT artists. His view of the NFT phenomenon is provocative and controversial. Would you expect anything less? But his approach means that something good actually comes out of the greed associated with NFTs.

Some photographers give voice to the voiceless; to animals, our natural environment, and oppressed peoples. We spoke with four pros whose work has the power to help bring about change

Late last year, after 75 years of supporting professional photographers, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) was forced to cease operations. We spoke with past members to get a sense of why.

Our judging panel from last year's Australasia's Top Wedding Photographers share their top tips on shooting and producing amazing wedding images.

For some people, the idea of working with your romantic partner triggers horror. For others, it’s ideal. Four dynamic couples explain why they paired up in business and how they make it work.

Our judging panel from last year's The Mono Awards share their top tips on shooting and producing amazing black and white images.

Living in a world awash with colour but shooting and producing images in black and white not only allows one to experience the world in an entirely different light, it also provides an opportunity to shift one’s artistic expression.

Any commissioned job can go wrong. Wedding photography is particularly vulnerable. Few freelance businesses have plump buffers between success and demise, but experience is an ally. Here is the gift of four photographers’ experience.

A nervous optimism began to grow in editorial photography towards the end of 2020. 2021 was to be the year the new normal began. The 2021 normal wasn’t what anyone expected.

The impact of COVID and lockdowns on the wedding and portrait industry has been significant, and the challenges they’ve brought have been immense, but not insurmountable. How have photographers prospered and what have they learnt?