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This free photo expo features: manufacturers showcases as well as talks and workshops by WA's top photographers.

How can a camera made from actual garbage create such beautiful, unique images?

Sony continues to feed Gen-Z content curators with easy to use, reasonably priced Vlogging cameras.

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It may not be an 'S' series lens, but it is considerably lightweight and competitively priced at only $1,099.

One of the more bizarre but welcome cameras in the last while, the Pentax 17 gets its name as half of a 35mm film frame is '17'.

A workhorse 8K cine camera for multiple uses, a mid-tier flash and a more budget conscious VR lens.

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Chris Jallard is a Berry based wedding photographer whose image 'Sunset Kiss' won the Wedding & Event Category at the 2023 The Capture Awards.

A master of cinematic style with moods and styles ranging from humorous ads, to insightful documentary to serene portraits – we feel privileged to have Chris as a judge for our Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers.

A former commercial photographer, but perhaps better known for connecting creative talent from all corners of the industry, Sally Brownbill has just released her second book. We sat down for a chat with the creative powerhouse.

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