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Canon RF users rejoice: after years of the RF mount remaining exclusively for Canon's in-house lenses only, Sigma and Tamron have confirmed they will each release lenses for Canon’s APS-C mirrorless mount.

Mohammed Salem, a Palestinian Reuters photographer, has won the prestigious World Press Photo for 2024, the highest honour in photojournalism.

If you have a spare two minutes and want to help ensure the survival of one of Australia's most beloved photography festivals – we implore you to sign this petition for public funding!

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The Pro-Blade system presents a solution that not only looks professional but also organizes your data efficiently, ensuring a clutter-free and systematic approach to file management.

Tim Levy risks being mugged late at night in a park, with all his camera gear, to discover how powerful this flash really is.

Don’t lose your precious photos! Let Capture’s tech guru Anthony McKee enlighten you on how to archive your images and set up one of the world’s best consumer-grade NAS systems – the four-bay Synology DS923+.

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A master of cinematic style with moods and styles ranging from humorous ads, to insightful documentary to serene portraits – we feel privileged to have Chris as a judge for our Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers.

A former commercial photographer, but perhaps better known for connecting creative talent from all corners of the industry, Sally Brownbill has just released her second book. We sat down for a chat with the creative powerhouse.

We speak to Matthew Joseph about: his career, his love of the 50mm lens, how he blurs the lines between passion projects and commercial, his move into directing, and the amazing images from his award-winning BikeLife series.

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