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The World Press Photo Foundation brings its highly-anticipated global exhibition back to Australia this week.

Targeting the social media photography niche, this model will attract the under 25 demographic or first-time camera buyers seeking a quality full-frame hybrid camera.

The update highlights are Generative Remove and an AI-powered Lens Blur tool. Could this mean that less expensive lenses can now have 'nice bokeh'?

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Canon is still playing their cards close to their body, but we can reveal that there is a new CMOS sensor, newly developed image processor DIGIC Accelerator as well as a new 'action priority' function.

Fast 300mm lenses are worth their weight in gold, or in this case, around $9,000... Doug Gimesy attempts to justify to you, that buying this great lens is a good idea.

The Fujifilm X100VI is the most-hyped street photography camera of the year – but is it actually any good? Tim Levy takes the camera on a trip to find out.

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A master of cinematic style with moods and styles ranging from humorous ads, to insightful documentary to serene portraits – we feel privileged to have Chris as a judge for our Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers.

A former commercial photographer, but perhaps better known for connecting creative talent from all corners of the industry, Sally Brownbill has just released her second book. We sat down for a chat with the creative powerhouse.

We speak to Matthew Joseph about: his career, his love of the 50mm lens, how he blurs the lines between passion projects and commercial, his move into directing, and the amazing images from his award-winning BikeLife series.

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