Taking its name from the shocking statistic that 22 American war veterans commit suicide every day, the War at Home campaign shows the empty living rooms, bedrooms, garages, and hallways where soldiers are dying from suicide.

The series, The Hunted, by Tania Gioffre, seeks to create a landscape of the mind, in which she explores the height of anxiety, the depths of despair, and the struggles endured in between.

For Tim Tadder, advertising photography is a collaborative exercise that requires creative and technical minds to coexist and co-create. His recent Winter is Coming campaign for Reebok images are a testament to his approach.

The biggest advertising campaign of all time, to support the United Nations "Global Goals", has recently been launched, with the aim of reaching 7 billion people in 7 days.

In the industry, he’s known as the drink specialist. Photographer Jeremy Hudson, together with retouching house, Limehouse Creative, produced this amazing campaign relying on 5-10 splash images for each execution, from the over 500 captured.

Get the lowdown on some of the hottest advertising campaigns from Australia and around the globe.

He’s the classiest sausage your eyes have ever feasted on, literally. A rather impressive campaign by photographer Billy Plummer and retouching agency, Limehouse creative.

Made to look like dark and grungy posters for an independent film, upon closer inspection this campaign for the StreetWork charity reveals the real-life stories of children on the streets.

A rare insight into the world of Physie by Lyndal Irons.

When Sydney and New Zealand-based photographer, Troy Goodall was presented with the brief for Schick Razors’ Feral Beards campaign, he was immediately intrigued.

When Energy Logic asked for a creative illustration of the benefits of using a heater which takes used motor oil to produce heat in auto-shops, clearly the answer was half naked mechanics enjoying their new-found heat.

Six days in Arizona saw Chris Clor working hard for Shell Oil’s “Hard Working” ad campaign.

The brief for the Seeing MS campaign was developed by Petrucelli and fellow creative Rohan Cooke, with the ultimate aim of highlighting nine of the invisible symptoms associated with MS by working with nine different subjects.

When the Australian Paralympic Committee appealed for funds to get Australian athletes to the Paralympic Games, Steve Greenaway was ready to help.

Got any loose change? Don’t overthink it. At least, that’s what McDonald’s Loose Change campaign represents, according to Sydney-based photographer Garry Owens.

When advertising agency Droga5 approached Danny Eastwood with the brief for Crabbie’s Say Goodbye to Cider campaign, it was an offer he couldn't refuse.