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Fujifilm Australia has just opened the doors on its first retail store, the Fujifilm House of Photography.

A portrait by Wayne Quilliam, 'Silent Strength 2021', has won the 2022 National Photographic Portrait Prize, netting him the $50,000 prize.

The winners of the second annual International Portrait Photographer of the Year competition have been announced with a number of Australians recognised.

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Haida has announced a filter mechanism that combines a variable circular polariser and variable neutral density filter – and both filters can be controlled independently.

Polaroid is set to release two new versions of its popular Go camera, in Black and Red.

Fujifilm's flagship, the X-H2S boasts the highest performance of any X Series camera to date, including a sensor capable of reading signals four times faster than the previous mode and a processor with double the speed of the predecessor.

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Shayben Moussa's Portfolio submission, 'Stephanie & Jake', in Australasia's Top Wedding Photographers 2022, is a featured entry.

Todd Cleave was runner-up in the Art category of Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2022.

Matthew Parashis' Single Shot submission, 'Showered in Flowers', is a featured entry in Australasia's Top Wedding Photographers 2022.