The Planet of Possibilities

Sydney-based photographer Tony Maniaty's latest exhibition features large-scale images from travels (2020-2023) in France, Britain, Greece, Turkey and Australia exploring concepts of beauty and fragility. "The interplay of human and natural beauty is immeasurable, and unique," says Maniaty. "The possibilities of what we might be beautiful, and what we can do with those discoveries, are endless. That’s why we continue to make art in these uncertain times, and why we embrace it: to broaden our imagination about what life on Earth is, and still can be, on this tiny speck of rock and water. To capture these moments is photography’s gift to the fragile planet we live on."


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Sydney: The exhibition delves into the State Library of NSW's vast collection of two million images, showcasing 400 photos – many displayed for the first time.


Albury: The National Photography Prize offers a $30,000 acquisitive prize, the $5000 John and Margaret Baker Fellowship for an emerging practitioner, and further supports a number of artists through focused acquisitions.


The City Surveyor’s ‘Condemnation and Demolition Books’ is a key photographic collection held in the City Archives comprising almost 5000 photographs and associated glass plate negatives.


Ballarat: Art Gallery of Ballarat presents Lost in Palm Springs, a multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together fourteen creative minds who respond to, capture, or re-imagine the magical qualities of the landscape and the celebrated mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs, California and across Australia.

Sydney: This popular internationally touring exhibition showcases the best and most important photojournalism and documentary photography of the last year.


Melbourne: Trainspotters images of the 4500 and Castle Class locomotives, 1930-1950s, Images from the Dienst Van Economishche Zaken (Netherlands) 1942-1947.

Sydney: Exhibition opening. Showcasing 100 bold and adventurous fashion portraiture images from both established and emerging photographers from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.


Wollongong: Employing magical realism and unique printing techniques, Cooper’s photographs place their inhabitants in a dreamlike world.

Sydney: Award-winning art director, trained architect and acclaimed photographer Damien Drew shines a light on the serene yet haunting landscapes of Japan’s Shikoku Island in his latest exhibition ‘Shikoku no Seijaku’ (Shikoku Silence).