Chris Hopkins' series, "My Name is Yunus", was awarded the Walkley Award for Feature/Photographic essay, one of the highest honours in Australian Journalism.

"Untitled" consists of 15 street photographs Bruce Gilden captured in Melbourne in 2011, using his Leica M6.

"It’s taken me weeks to get over the emotional impact of this shoot." Behind the scenes on one of Chris Crisman's most challenging shoots.

Tim Tadder's latest project is about more than just producing beautiful images. It's about inspiring people to get engaged with the political process and help being about positive change.

For "The Muse", Kris Anderson wanted to capture that tension that artists often feel – the competition between the need to express and communicate your own feelings versus the need to create work that is commercially successful. Read on to get BTS.

Renowned photographer, Ami Vitale makes a heartbreaking journey back to Kenya to say goodbye to Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino on the planet.

BLACK AND BLUE: Coral or Coal is an artistic and symbolic exploration of the modern relationship between the extraction and consumption of old world resources (fossil fuels) and the well-being of one of our world’s great natural ecosystems.

Get behind the scenes of an image by Czech-based photographer, Martin Stranka that required 350 hours of work & 3 months of planning,

Up until recently, all of Bella Kotak's pictures featured solo feminine characters blossoming into their own, from sleeping nymphs to warrior queens. But a change in her personal life heralded a change in her work.

Indochine is the latest body of work by acclaimed photographer Samantha Everton. It depicts a woman navigating the conflicting cultural pressures of the East and the West.

DANCHI DREAMS tells the story of modernity in Japan through an exploration of public housing projects known as ‘Danchi’. Danchi public housing projects emerged across Japan in the 1960s to cope with rapidly growing urban populations.

Not satisfied with capturing images on a traditional camera, like the kind you can buy at a shop (!), Simon Harsent had a camera built from an old wine barrel for his latest project with the winemaker, Wynns.

In the age of digital imagery, social media, and online news, the lifespan of visual content and photo essays has arguably diminished. But for Australian portrait photographer Alex Vaughan, commitment to long-term storytelling is paramount.

In the not too distant future, 4,500 families, elderly, disabled, and low-income people will be displaced as a result of development of the Waterloo housing estate. Fiona Wolf set out to document the plight of people with an uncertain future.

Oftentimes, the greatest obstacle to capturing an intimate, honest, and revealing portrait is right in front of you, acting as a barrier between you and your subject. Stuart Robertson used only a smartphone for his latest portrait project.

Desert Ink is a tale of 8 Mexican tattoo artists from the wrong side of the tracks, who, following their love of art and ink, found the will to change.