It was one of Russian photographer, Arkadiy Kozlovskiy's final wishes that his children exhibit part of his photographic archive. The result is on display in Sydney - "The Russian Nude".

Dan Lim and Sébastien Dubois-Didcock travelled to one of the four corners of the globe to explore the extreme beauty and culinary wonders of Canada's Fogo Island.

Fabian Muir's "Urban Burqa" is the sequel to the 2014 series, "Blue Burqa in a Sunburnt Country". The initial series was conceived as a response to rising anti-immigration sentiment and the Abbott government’s stance at that time.

Last drinks were served over 30 years ago when the Terminus Hotel was boarded up and closed in 1984. Photographer Brett Patman brings us a very special and rare glimpse in a place that time forgot.

In a world that construes beauty along very specific and narrow lines, it’s not often that you see Cystic Fibrosis in the media. But one Canadian photographer aims to change the public’s perception about body image, and Cystic Fibrosis.

The new My Passport Wireless Pro from WD has been created with one thing in mind: to make the lives of photographers easier. Learn how it significantly boosted the workflow of photographers shooting the #WDPets campaign.

Markus Andersen’s photographs feature the city of Sydney as an abstracted backdrop for a fragile human presence – one dwarfed by overwhelming architectural development and consumerism.

For the last 20 years, Sydney-based advertising and commercial photographer Zahn Pithers has wanted to do a personal portrait project. Sixteen months and 33 portraits later, all captured in his lounge room, he produced "Australia Street".

Australia. Seriously? is Trent Mitchell’s 2015 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize winner’s solo exhibition, and features 50 images selected from an archive of roughly 5,500 photographs captured on film. Just how did he pull it all together?

Through technology and an over-consumption of media, we have grown accustomed to the bombardment of advertising that we face on a daily basis. This project is an aesthetic and formal consideration of our monetised physical environment.

On Parramatta Road preserves Australia’s first highway – a stretch perpetually threatened by change. It is a field study of life on a road considered dead, across car yards, brothels, bed shops and around 20 suburbs of greater Sydney.

100 Pictures | 100 Stories is a journey to capture 100 artists’ portraits and conversations by the driving force behind Create or Die, photographer Chrissie Hall and creative producer and writer Deb Morgan.

The majority of the landscapes featured in America: En Route were never destinations in themselves, but discovered en route to somewhere else. Christine Francis journeyed across 21 states, in 21 days, on an 8,000 mile road trip across America.

New Zealand Photographer Brook Ready travelled to Lake Gairdner in South Australia, a place he describes like Mars, to shoot portraits of salt lake racers.

The rapid disappearance of Fibro structures from the landscape was recognised by the Gold Coast City Art Gallery when they commissioned Alan Hill and Kelly Hussey-Smith to interpret the changing social landscape of South-East Queensland.

In keeping with Tom Goldner’s penchant for all things slow, considered and nostalgic, Passage is a series of dramatic black-and-white landscapes, produced in the darkroom, based on his 2015 hiking trip to Mont Blanc.