Cade Martin tells the SourceAmerica story

"I grew up with an appreciation for the candid beauty found in people from all walks of life.” Cade Martin

An adventurer at heart, Cade Martin has always sought out people and organizations that intrigue him, with the intent to discover and tell their stories through his imagery. His partnership with SourceAmerica is one example of him finding beauty in the unfamiliar.

What drew you to this partnership?

Cade Martin: I believe it is more important than ever to foster community — to get out and create a sense of belonging. SourceAmerica is a nonprofit that works to place Americans with disabilities, some of them Veterans, into meaningful jobs. SourceAmerica creates a platform for people with disabilities to be seen, heard — and hired. I love being a small part of that through the images I create, and deepening the understanding of disabilities, including those invisible at the surface.

How long have you been creating portraits for SourceAmerica?

Cade Martin: I have been privileged to work with them for many years now. They are so committed and driven – the collaboration and interactions have left an indelible impression and inspired me in my work and beyond. We have been collaborating long enough that they trust to send me off to create the work – and it’s always an adventure and a joy – to tell the stories of some of the tens of thousands of people SourceAmerica has placed in meaningful jobs. 


What continues to be your approach to creating portraits for this project?

Cade Martin: My approach is always to be patient and respectful with whomever I am photographing and how they feel that day. I have always been comfortable with the unknown. With SourceAmerica, I’m never sure who I’ll be photographing or what will be revealed in my subjects’ stories and faces. I have always loved finding beauty in the unfamiliar.

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