Bernadette Heald, Traversing Human Captivity As A Floral Delivery Driver (BLACK & WHITE 2022)

During these uncertain times, human connection has been at the forefront of our consciousness. We have rediscovered ways of communicating those important messages of love and support through uncertainty. I am currently a floral delivery driver and throughout the pandemic flowers have been a symbolic gesture of hope and love. In this body of work, I photographed different floral arrangements and using my hands, selected specific flowers to project those messages. Namely, carnations for devotion, natives for health and gerberas are said to invoke cheerfulness. I chose to work in monochrome for these images, taken using a pinhole camera with multiple exposures on medium format film, as an acknowledgement of the dark times in which connection takes unique forms.

Images have been resized for web display, which may cause some loss of image quality. Note: Original high-resolution images are used for judging.