Jack Miller, Standing Ovation (PORTRAIT 2022)

The life of a performing artist (and many artists in general) has dramatically changed since the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 swept throughout the globe. A theatre with not an empty seat in sight, the thunder of applause, the lights, the platform of confidence and gratification... It's but a dream for many a performer in today's world. The impact of repeated lockdowns, routine quarantining, inconsistency and uncertainty has resulted in the closure of many venues, empty seats at every glance, and a performer's platform to showcase and thrive in their passion has been decimated. The stage has been replaced with a desolate wasteland laid out before them as they stand to bow at the finale of their performance - to an audience which has been reduced to dust. The impact on their wellbeing has been nothing short of devastating. This virus hasn't simply affected our health - it's critically wounded one of the most vital and longstanding industries in our society (alongside many others). Let's bring back the stage and bless our performers with the standing ovation they deserve.

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