Jack Miller, Solitude (PORTRAIT 2021)

As my love for photography ripened over a period of a couple of years; there was a model I longed to work with more than any other - nobody I had ever worked with could convey emotions in their posture and gaze quite like her. For years I sat on the sidelines in awe of her work, but I never approached her for I never felt my images were ‘worthy’ of her time. COVID gave me the opportunity to thrive. I applied myself in ways I never thought I could, and I worked tirelessly to reach my dream of turning my images into art. It was at the conclusion of my first lockdown that I found the motivation and courage to message the model I had longed to work with for years. A month later; there we are.. In complete Solitude, standing in the middle of a desolate salt lake in SA’s far north. We created art that day. Six months later; we plan to meet up in a few days to create art again. Of course I only saw her a few days ago, though.. We’re friends now.

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