Patrick Booth, Riflebirds Of Australia (ANIMAL 2022)

Shot 1 Reckless - Male Magnificent Riflebird - Ptiloris magnifucus Shot 2 Quiver - Male Victoria's Riflebird, - Lophorina victoriae Shot 3 The Hunt - Female Paradise Riflebird - Ptiloris paradisea After returning from an epic journey to the tip of Cape York from Northern New South Wales in 2021, I wanted to put together a collection of Australia's Riflebirds that spoke to all three subspecies in their own individual way. These unique endemic birds have evolved over millions of years in small pockets of rainforest from Gondwanaland around the Queensland/NSW border to the tip of Cape York. The Paradise Riflebird exists only around the border region of NSW and Queensland, while Victoria's Riflebirds can be only be found in tropical rainforest from the Paluma range north of Townsville to the Daintree north of Cairns. Moving further north, the Magnificent Riflebird is endemic to rainforest on the east coast of northern Cape York. I had the privileged to spend significant amounts of time with all three subspecies and came way from the experience with a deeper understanding of these incredibly interesting birds.

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