Kevin Palmer, Momentary Encounters (ANIMAL 2021)

I would like to think that the average visitor to a park or forest can discover how inquisitive animals and particularly birds can be.  Each of these images (Black-faced Monarch, Grey Shrike-thrush and Eastern Yellow Robin) were taken when I was being observed, not the other way around. It is so pleasurable to sit and have these encounters where there is a simple if momentary connection with a wild creature. I am fortunate they  occur frequently, but the challenge and emerging goal for me is more now of how to capture these moments compositionally. How to balance all the elements and more importantly define that emotional connection I'm experiencing into a distilled image. Hopefully giving to others their own momentary connection.   

Images have been resized for web display, which may cause some loss of image quality. Note: Original high-resolution images are used for judging.