Bindi-Anne Skinner, Faces of Vietnam (PORTRAIT 2022)

In March 2019, I spent a glorious two weeks in Vietnam, travelling from North to South, meeting the local people, learning of their stories, allowing me to capture their souls – happiness, sadness, innocence, and determination. They are passionate and strong people, with a complex and deep history, enduring thousands of years. I felt humbled to be allowed to take their photographs, to freeze a moment in their lives. The gentleman in Hoian, relaxing, smoking his cigarette, his eyes filled with strength and thousands of stories. The young girl, playing amongst her peers whilst bubbles were being blown in all directions. Such playfulness and innocence radiate from her eyes and smile. Lastly, the elderly lady, deep in thought, while the chaotic noise of traffic and people continued on around her. With broken English, facial expressions, hand gestures, appreciation of sharing time together, East and West were able to bond, with the click of a button.