Nik Tribhuvan, Ducks at your wedding (Wedding: Single Shot)

This was at the Studly boat house in Melbourne on a cold wintery afternoon. Finished the ceremony and before heading down to the Reception at Yarra valley we had a pitstop to get some shots at the stretch the couple used to spend a lot of time. On a sunny day this place is buzzing with people, but being a winter afternoon was particularly cold with very few people around, so i laid down in a puddle of mud on the banks with my 5dmk3 got the kids who were feeding the ducks to throw the feed over me so the ducks would get in front of my camera and asked Amir the groom to row up in front of me. while i shot completely blind just holding the camera above the waters surface and was moving the focal point with a frozen thumb and hoping the point lands on the either on Amir or the beautiful Helia. after few missed focus shots finally got few that we just perfect before the rain started to pour down on us.

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