Submission Guidelines


Submission deadline is Sunday, 28 August 2022, 11:59pm AEST.


Please only submit images shot/created from 1 July 2021 to 28 August 2022, and ensure your metadata accurately reflects this. Do not submit images entered previously. 


The Annual includes 10 entry categories: Advertising, Aerial, Architecture, Art, Documentary, Emerging, Landscape, Portrait, Student, and Wedding.
More information about each of the categories can be found at the end of this page.


You can submit up to six (6) images – in total, in a single category, or across multiple categories.
You must also include a Word, PDF, or RTF file with captions linked to filenames. No other document formats are permitted.


• JPEG files (maximum quality). *Do not send TIFFs, PSDs, or RAW files
• Images should be 2,700 pixels on the longest side, 300ppi.
• Preferred colour space is Adobe RGB (1998).


Please use the following file naming convention for each image:


If you are entering multiple entries, please adjust the last number accordingly. For example:



Images must be free of  text, watermarks, logos, and branding. This includes images with advertising copy or graphics.
Images that include text, watermarks, logos or branding will not be considered.


Please include one document (saved as a Microsoft Word, PDF, TXT, or RTF document – not JPEG or Apple Pages format) that includes all your caption information.
The caption document should be included in a ZIP file along with your images.
The filename of the document should include your name. For example: GafenMarc-Captions.doc

Please include the following information with each caption:

• Filename

• Image title

• Brief description
• Please indicate if the work was Commissioned or Personal work
• Name of retoucher (if someone other than the photographer)

If the work was commissioned, please also include the following:
• Agency (if commissioned)

• Client (if commissioned)

• Campaign name (if commissioned)

• Creative Director (if commissioned)

• Art Director (if commissioned)

** PLEASE NOTE: Submissions sent without caption/title information or the correct naming standard will not be considered.***


Please put you images and your caption document into a folder and convert it to a ZIP file. Send the ZIP file using WeTransfer, Hightail, or WeSendIt to

Our preferred sharing service is WeTransfer.

1. Do not e-mail your entry directly to us. ONLY submit your images via the free upload services WeTransfer, Hightail, WeSendIt, or similar.
2. Do not password-protect your submission.

3. Do not ZIP and upload individual files – they should all be included in a single ZIP file.


The Annual 2021 cover image by Ian Pettigrew.



ADVERTISING: Images commissioned by a client for use in advertising, i.e. paid placement. (Self-commissioned works do not qualify.)

AERIAL: Includes images captured from aircraft and drones. Capture supports the safe and legal operation of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs), including drones. All entries captured with an RPA must comply with local rules and regulations.

ARCHITECTURE: Images must be single capture and represent a building or structure that exists in reality.

ART: This is open category with the only stipulation being that images must be photographic in origin.

DOCUMENTARY: Images must be single capture. Images must be observed events and not staged by the photographer. Composites are ineligible. Adding or removing pixels through the use of cloning or other means is not permitted, other than to remove dust spots. Minor tone, noise, and sharpness changes are permitted, with the proviso that these changes do not fundamentally alter the narrative of the image. Composite techniques such as focus-stacking, multiple exposure, panoramic stitching, and HDR are prohibited.

EMERGING: Photographers with less than four year’s full-time professional experience (which includes no professional experience), photographic assistants, and those working towards being a professional photographer.
*** Please note if one image is entered in Emerging, all images must be included in that category as well.

LANDSCAPE: Images may be single capture or composites. If the latter, please ensure this is indicated in captions.

PORTRAIT: Images may be single capture or composites, and can be people and/or animal. 

STUDENT: Open to current students of photography, in full- or part-time study, at university or recognised photography college. Images falling into the 1 July 2021 to 28 August 2022 period shot by recently graduated students are also acceptable.
*** Please note that if one image is entered in Student, all images must be included in that category as well.

WEDDING: Images commissioned by a client, taken at an actual wedding or civil ceremony. Images must not be composites.


1. Full copyright remains with the photographer.

2. By submitting images to The Annual, entrants provide Capture a limited-use authorisation to publish entered images in Capture's 'The Annual' issue, and to use images to promote Capture's 'The Annual' issue.


Need help with your entry? Send us an e-mail at