World's most expensive camera fetches $22m at auction

A new record has recently been set for the world's most expensive camera ever sold. Eclipsing auction estimates by almost five times, the Leica O-Series No. 105, owned by Oskar Barnack sold for €14.4m (approx. A$22m). The camera remained in Barnack's family until 1960, before it was sold to an American collector.

Image: Leitz Photographica Auction

The camera sold at the recent Leitz Photographica Auction and smashed the previous record of the world's most expensive camera, an O-Series No. 122, which sold at the 32nd Leitz Photographica Auction in 2018 for €2.4m (approx. A$3.7m). 

The O-Series, created in 1923, two years before Barnack launched Lecia, saw only 23 of the cameras produced, of which very few still exist.

Image: Leitz Photographica Auction

Oskar Barnack is quoted in on the Leica Facebook page stating: 'I spent years working on this first model, and I still have many photographs from that time. Today, we can safely say that the legitimacy of a high-quality 35mm camera has been proven.' 

The video below, produced by DPReview TV, provides some interesting background information about the Leica O-Series No. 105 and the auction, which took place at Leica HQ in Wetzlar, Germany. 


Check out all the auction results at the Leitz website.

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