• Civil War Poster
    Civil War Poster

Capture recently published a film review on director Alex Garland's Civil War, and although we thoroughly enjoyed the film, and how it ties into our profession, there were moments when we questioned how realistic it was, and whether photojournalists REALLY take such crazy risks to capture and share gut-wrenching images to the world?

In this fascinating 43 minute video, DW News (German public state-owned international broadcaster Deutsche Welle) has interviewed five real war photographers (Ron Haviv, John Moore, Lynsey Addario, Peter van Agtmael, Mohamed Al Masri) and they give us a glimpse into what the film got wrong and right; the psychology surrounding the job; some engrossing real life stories including bombings, shootings, kidnappings; and also how they have seen fellow photographers pay the 'ultimate price' for their profession.

It's well worth the watch for anyone interested in this field.