Twitter to finally suport full-size images

If you use Twitter to share your work, then the latest updates from the platform are likely to bring a smile to your face, because what’s worse than a randomly cropped image? Nothing, right?! Unless of course you were planning an “open for surprise” with an adorable puppy not initially visible with an algorithmic crop.

Having commenced testing of the new feature almost two months ago, Twitter is finally rolling out the feature which will allow bigger images to appear in one’s feed, so no more worrying about the potential abominations that Twitter’s cropping algorithm used to produce. This new feature is available for those on both Android and iOS.

Previously, Twitter would crop all images not conforming to a 16:9 aspect ratio so as to maintain visual uniformity on the timeline. This new change means that images will not require to be tapped in order for them to be revealed in their entirety.


This latest update from Twitter will also be of interest to those pleased with the company’s announcement in late April to support 4K images. While images have typically been reduced to a maximum of 2048 x 2048 pixels, 4K support means that images will be able to be displayed at up to 3480 pixels, making for a much richer experience on mobile devices.

With this new update from Twitter, will it now make the platform a viable alternative to Instagram? Only time will tell.

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