• Image: Tim Levy
    Image: Tim Levy

Samsung releases new Portable SSD T9

Back in mid 2017, Samsung released the Portable SSD T5 and it was an instant hit. Its small form factor, durability, USB-C interface and speeds of over 500MB/s made a lot of photographers rethink their on-location storage options.

Samsung built on its success in May 2020 with the release of the T7 which was now 1000MB/s with storage capacities of up to 2TB – yet still only weighing a measly 58g. There was even a 'biometric security' (a.ka. thumb reader) version called the T7 Touch. To add to the durability, you could purchase a 3rd party rubberised frame which added the benefit of being able to grip the drive a little better and save it from falls.

This brings us to the latest edition of the 'T' lineup – the T9.


While we definitely wouldn't say that T7's 1000MB/s was slow, many of the internal SSD's in the latest computers are reaching speeds of over 5000MB/s. But with great speed comes great cost. Currently to upgrade a 'base' 14" MacBook Pro's internal SSD to 4TB, it would cost you a whopping extra AU$1,800 – which is practically the price of a laptop a few years ago!

Fortunately we can buy SSD's like the T9 that cost under a third of the price. The Samsung T9 can reach speeds up to 2,000 MB/s, yet costs around $540 for a 4TB, $370 for 2TB or $200 for 1TB.

Other external SSD advantages apart from cost include the ability to swap the drive between other computers, or backup work quickly and then detach it for safety, or you can just use it as a detachable main archive.

The drive is wrapped in a textured silicone rubber skin that looks very sleek and futuristic. And of course, this adds grip and reduces chances of scratching it when you are photo editing on a rock (see above photo). It also enhances its chance of survival by offering up to 3 meters of drop resistance. 

The T9 is available now and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

You can read more on the Samsung website.