Photographers across 4 countries unite for online pandemic exhibition

In the midst of a global pandemic the world finds itself simultaneously more connected and more isolated than ever before.

Twenty-five photographers across four countries (New Zealand, Australia, United States, and Canada) have united to document the uncertain times of 2020 to produce These Days, an online photography exhibition running until 19 November.

© Christopher Nelson. Doodling.
© Christopher Nelson. Doodling.

The exhibition sees award-winning and emerging artists working side-by-side and actively creating in the face of global cuts to the artistic community, including Billy Plummer, Christian Mushenko, Esther Bunning, Lilli Waters, and Robert Earp.

Jointly, they share their day-to-day stories of anxiety, joy, depression, hope, and anger to create an exhibition that balances place and placelessness as each government and individual tackles COVID-19 in their own way.

Curator Dr Paula Mahoney says, “Together, this photo-based collection addresses what it is to be in isolation during 2020, in poignant and provocative ways. Exploring the human condition in all its fragility, through the lens of a camera, one click at a time.”

© Lilli Waters. The Kiss of Death.
© Lilli Waters. The Kiss of Death.

Photographer Emma Baker explains: “2020 is the year where our world, as we knew it, became suspended mid-flight. But in the light of change and shadow of uncertainty, 25 photographers locked down across the globe came together in isolation to record this sliver of time. Connected in their ability to evoke feelings of hope, transformation, and silver linings, they normalise unspoken fears, vulnerability, stories of love, and guilty pleasures.

© Scott McAulay. A Modern Phantasm #Princess.
© Scott McAulay. A Modern Phantasm #Princess.

These Days features the work of the following photographers:

  • Aaron Burgess
  • Billy Plummer
  • Christian Mushenko
  • Christopher Nelson
  • Claire Gordon
  • Craig Abell Champion
  • Emma Baker
  • Esther Bunning
  • Greg Elms
  • Guy Davies
  • Hannah Caldwell
  • Heather Dinas
  • Hilary Sloane
  • Jacki Key
  • Kim Tonelli
  • Karen Weiler
  • Lilli Waters
  • Lorna Carmichael
  • Nick Paulsen
  • Robert Anderson
  • Robert Earp
  • Scott McAulay
  • Serena Stevenson
  • Trent Mitchell
  • Walter Maurice

Check out the exhibition here:

© Claire Gordan. Alone Together.
© Claire Gordon. Alone Together.
© Christian Mushenko. Suddenly Vulnerable.
© Christian Mushenko. Suddenly Vulnerable.

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