OIympus rebranded as OM Digital Solutions Australia

OM Digital Solutions Australia, formerly Olympus Imaging, has rebranded and launched a new website, with the company now officially known as OM Systems.

Olympus divested its camera business in mid-2020 and since then the company has been relatively quite in terms of major gear launches, releasing only a small number of new lenses and just one camera, the PEN E-P7.

On the company’s new website, their brand story says the company sees itself as 'a dark horse', focused on 'creating cameras that do not yet exist, so photographers can do things previously impossible.'

The company has also confirmed in a statement that it is working on a new Micro Four Thirds camera that will 'embody the OM SYSTEM concept'. The statement went on to say: "The interchangeable lens camera that we are now developing combines our industry-leading manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge technologies to significantly improve performance and provide an unrivaled photographic experience."

OM Systems has stated that the Olympus branded consumer products and services will remain unchanged and that the new brand will co-exist alongside Olympus products for now. The statement continued: "With new products and services planned, we do not anticipate any major impact to business. The two brand names will be used together during a transition period."

Check out the new website at this link.


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