Nikon marketing campaign takes stand against AI

Nikon Peru has launched a clever marketing campaign encouraging people to not "give up on the real world" and fight back against Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated creations. 

Created with advertising agency Circus Grey Peru, the company says the campaign serves as a reminder that "our world is full of natural beauty that is often much more incredible than any AI generated photo."

The print and outdoor campaign shows photos of real natural places that are stranger than fiction, captured by photographers using Nikon cameras.

"Photography and nature are truly capable of surprising us, beyond our imagination," Nikon says.

"Nikon has an important commitment to all the photographers in the world, who, with their talent and art, allowed us to enjoy the most beautiful and amazing images, which is why it was so important for us to take the initiative and support what has always given us a purpose as a brand, photography.” said Charlie Tolmos, chief creative officer of Circus Grey Peru.

The campaign launches at a time when individuals and brands are beginning to turn to AI generation tools to create imagery at the cost of hiring real photographers and creatives.

Just this week, a new online AI image generator platform launched with the promise to “cut out the need for expensive photographers". 

At the same time, in parts of the world with fewer resources like Latin America where Nikon's campaign originated, the rising popularity of AI carries a real risk to jobs and livelihoods, according to advertising website Little Black Book. 

You can see a selection of images from the campaign below.

Image: Andrew Svk. (Image supplied by Nikon Peru.)
Image: John Fowler. (Image supplied by Nikon Peru.)
Image: Adampol Galindo. (Image supplied by Nikon Peru.)
Image: Marco Nurnberger. (Image supplied by Nikon Peru.) 
Image: Esmee Winnubst. (Image supplied by Nikon Peru.)