Leica has just revealed the full frame 60MP SL3 L-mount camera that will retail for $11,690 AUD.

The mantra of the Leica SL line of cameras is that they are "developed in cooperation with creatives for creatives – with a focus on ease of use, functionality, and versatility."

The SL3 marks a significant upgrade from the 47MP SL2 of 2019, now incorporating:

• A new hybrid autofocus system.
• DCI 8K video in camera (10-bit H.265)
• 1080p ProRes in camera.
• Better pro-level ergonomics with more button customisation.
• The new Maestro IV processor.
• Improved software user interface.
• Dual card slots.
• Reduced size & lighter weight.
• Improved IP54 weather proofing.
• The ability to shoot up to ISO 100,000. 
• New rear flip screen.
• More AI subject recognition.

Interestingly, the flash sync speed has been lowered from 1/250s to 1/200s and the IBIS rating has been reduced from 5.5 stops to 5 stops.

For any of those who are not acquainted with Leica, the question that is usually asked is – why are they so expensive?

For those who have actually had a hands-on experience – it is soon realised that the cameras have a 'next-level' type of build quality to them. Married to these bodies are a full set of incredible (and also very expensive) lenses. And somewhere along the line, you are probably also paying for Leica's rich heritage that is associated with most luxury brands.

The camera is available (on backorder) now at the Leica AU store and you can find out more about the SL3 on the Leica website.

To witness how the Leica SL3 was created from drawing board to completion, it's worth watching this cool video shot in the Leica Wetzlar plant in Germany.