Leading creative mentor's latest book – How to develop your career...

Veteran industry creative consultant and one of Australia’s leading creative mentors, Sally Brownbill has just released her latest book, How to develop your career as a photographer. Essential reading for photographers starting out or starting again, it’s a summary of Brownbill’s decades of experience and what she’s learnt from helping countless photographers over the years.

In the book you’ll find a wealth of information and advice on a variety of topics, such as finding and keeping clients, starting your own business, successfully negotiating the ups and downs of running a business, and staying true to the way you see the world. The practical guide is also designed to be a source of inspiration and motivation.

The e-book is available for $20 from Sally Brownbill’s website, The Brownbill Effect.

About the author

Sally Brownbill is a creative industry icon and the owner of The Brownbill Effect. She is renowned for providing folio and website consultations that spin straw into gold. During her career, Brownbill has worked as a photographer and educator, both in Australia and overseas, before focusing her energy on sharing her wisdom and experience to help other photographers with their business as well as assisting them to get established.



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