Wouldn't it be great if you could buy an old 'cheap' Hasselblad on Ebay and add a new 100MP digital back? Well – you can!

This isn't exactly a new idea as you could previously do this way back in 2014 with the Hasselblad 50MP CFV-50C Digital Back.

Hasselblad over the past 10 years have continued to update their 50MP backs as an option for V Series cameras, but as we know, 50MP in this day and age isn't something to go nuts about. Many mirrorless cameras are already around that mark, so to stand out and reclaim the mantle of crazily high resolution images (206MB RAW), Hasselblad has released the new 100MP CFV 100C Digital Back that is sold in conjunction with the 907X camera body (you can't buy them separately as yet).

To call the 907X a camera body is a bit of a stretch. At only 200g and under 3cm in depth, it's more like a lens holder that attaches to the digital back. It makes for an extremely lightweight package (620g), though the tradeoff is that unless you wish to shoot 'top down' while cradling the camera, you'll be wise to add the optional 907X control grip and perhaps the Optical Viewfinder.

With optional 907X Control Grip and Optical Viewfinder

The digital back does work with their Hasselblad V System's 500 Series, 200 Series and other classic film cameras – though the main hitch is you will have to focus manually.
Shooting with a Hasselblad 503CW 'film camera' body (released 1996)
The rear of the CFV II features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display and 2.36 million resolution. The 907X & CFV 100C combo features Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) with 294 zones spread over the 100-megapixel sensor surface. There’s also face detection capabilities, and a handy 1TB of built-in storage, along with a CFexpress Type B card slot.

Australian prices havn't been released as yet, but at USD $8,199 – we may see it around the AUD $13,000 mark.

You can find out more about the 907X and CFV 100C on the Hasselblad website.

Technical Data for CFV 100C Digital Back
Supported Cameras: 907X camera body, most of Hasselblad V System cameras built from 1957 onwards (SWC excluded)
Supported Lenses: Hasselblad XCD Lenses; all HC/HCD, XPan, and V System Lenses using the corresponding lens adaptor Lens
Equivalent Focal Length: Multiplier for full-frame lens equivalent focal length is 0.78
Dimensions: 91 × 92 × 61mm
Weight: 460g (battery and memory card excl.)
File Format:  Hasselblad 3FR RAW, full size JPG and HEIF
Image Size: 3FR RAW: 206MB on average JPG: 40MB on average HEIF: 20MB on average
Colour Definition: 16-bit; dynamic range up to 15 stops
Colour Depth: Hasselblad 3FR RAW can be set to 14-bit or 16-bit HEIF: 10-bit
Colour Management: HNCS
Capture Rate: Up to 3.3fps in a 14-bit colour depth
Storage Options: Built-in 1TB SSD. Extra CFexpress Type B card with a max storage capacity of 512GB supported