Edelkrone, the 'content creation solutions' company based in Turkey, has teased us with a USD $2,599 (AUD $4,550) tripod that is not only auto-levelling, but has the ability to make pre-planned or remote-controlled movements. 

Called the Tripod X, it is primarily for indoor video use as it isn't weather sealed, and has a 'spreader' (a 3-way link between the legs) that can't be detached.

Making it even more housebound is its hefty 9kg weight. It can hold camera rigs up to 30kg, but can only auto-level with weights up to 20kg.

Power is supplied via a 12V battery that moves the tripods motors at a rate of 2cm per second, and allows approximately 300 height adjustments per charge.

The main selling point to this rather expensive tripod would have to be the ability to make pre-planned movements for beautiful, smooth camera movements. Programming these movements can be made on the tripod body, or remotely via a smartphone app.

The Tripod X integrates with other Edelkrone 'motion control' tools from their ecosystem, meaning you can use other sliders, heads and jibs to create other interesting smooth camera movements.

The tripod is now available for pre-order.

You can read more about this fascinating tripod on the Edelkrone website.