Daredevil photographer arrested on burglary & trespassing charges following month-long chase

While some may argue that his only crime was stealing scenery, or 'annoying the rich', as someone posted online, the law sees the actions of former U.S. Army veteran Isaac Wright (25) very differently. Wright was recently arrested in Arizona following a warrant being put out for him in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is charged with burglary for breaking into an office building and climbing into a metal crown on top of it. As reported in Law & Crime, police also say that Wright climbed a light post and took photos in the ballpark where the Cincinnati Reds play, and the images on his Instagram feed seem to make the claim rather plausible.

Wright travelled from Florida to New Orleans and then on to several cities in Texas and New Mexico before finally being apprehended in Arizona. Law enforcement knew what kind of car Wright was driving and were able to track him using license plate readers.

Operating under the moniker, 'Drifter Shoots', Wright sells the images on his website.

Other images on Wright’s Instagram account shows photos he has captured in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New York. Whether authorities in those cities will file charges is unclear.

“We’re all in agreement that the photos are great. They look neat… but the way Mr. Wright is going about it is breaking the law,” said Cincinnati Police Det.Jeff Ruberg. He added, “He’s using types of pry bars, lock pick mechanism sets. He’s disabling security cameras, motion sensors, he’s physically damaging buildings he’s entering and then going to the top of the building and then the police are being notified.”


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