Call for submissions to showcase young artists from LGBTIQA+ community

Being a voice is a public callout for LGBTIQA+ young people aged 15–25 who live, study, play or work in Monash to share their experience of being part of the rainbow community.

The callout will result in an explosion of photographs across Monash Gallery of Art’s Atrium Gallery walls that will be accompanied by audio recordings that explore the lived experiences of people in Monash, providing a cultural record of being part of the LGBTIQA+ community.

Being a voice is a partnership between MGA, JOY Media and Monash Council.

Key dates

Submissions close 21 March 2022
Exhibition dates: 13 May – 1 August 2022
Launch event: Saturday 14 May 2022

For further information please contact:
Head to the Monash Gallery of Art website for more information.


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