Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2024: Winners and runners-up announced

Photos by (left to right from top): Brooke Pyke, Edi Ivancic, Fernanda Pedroso,
David Niu, Matthew Portch, Susi Nodding,
David Niu, Anita Davidson, Stephane Thomas.

Canberra photographer Fernanda Pedroso has been named Overall Winner in Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024, presented by Fujifilm. Fernanda's colourful, textural and thoughtful studio portraits also won first place in the Portrait category and was Runner-Up in Art. She also finished third in Single-Shot and two more fifth places.

We'd also like to give a special mention to David Niu for his well considered and perfectly timed street photography images that won the Travel and Black & White categories.

Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers, presented by Fujifilm, recognises, encourages, and promotes talented photographers in the early stages of their careers. Now in its 16th year the competition is judged by panel of 25 leading professional photographers and industry experts from around the world. 

Winners and runners-up share in a prize pool of $28,000 including $9,000 cash and $19,000 worth of prizes from major sponsor Fujifilm and category sponsors Camera House, The Brownbill Effect, MSI, Total Image Supplies and Moab.

You can see the Winner and Runner-Up entries along with the lists of Top 20 finishers further below.

The current issue of Capture (Winter edition)

The latest issue of Capture magazine (Winter 2024) features the work of Winners and Runners-Up along with the work of Top 20 place getters in the Animal, Art, Black & White, Documentary, Landscape, Single Shot, Travel and Portrait categories, and the Top 10 place getters in the Architecture category.

The magazine also features articles including: 30 must-see films about photographers; Full-frame VS Medium Format - is it worth upgrading?; The Museum of Australian Photography – an interview with the Museum's Senior Photographic Curator Angela Connor.

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Originally from Brazil, Fernanda Pedroso has been pursuing a Diploma in Photography in Canberra where she has been using her access to the studio, and her background in the advertising industry to build and create conceptual images that touch on societal issues.

These three images are part of a nine-image series called ‘Earthly’. “Each one has different colours and scenario setups, making for long days of production,” says Fernanda. “I’m bringing nature to the studio. Even though we're usually surrounded by buildings and roads, this series reminds us that we're all part of nature. With clay-covered models and real plants, it's a dreamy escape into our natural roots, right in the middle of the city.

'Earthly' by Fernanda Pedroso. Overall winner Australasia's Top
Emerging Photographer 2024, and Winner of the Portrait category.

“All elements are important to create an immersive atmosphere. The makeup and accessories were made by the talented makeup artist Rafa Jones. All models have a gold colour as the first layer of makeup, as gold is a colour that conveys power. On top of the gold base, all models have clay to bring an earthly quality.”


Fernanda has won an overall winner prize of Fujifilm X-H2S with Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f/4 OIS WR lens valued at $5,998 as well as $1,000 cash as Portrait Winner. 



Anita Davidson is a Hungarian-Australian documentary and street photographer based in Melbourne. Her work focuses on the urban environment and capturing life in a candid fashion.

Anita has been a finalist in the Aussie Street Photography Festival 2023 awards and placed in the Top 10 in Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2023.

On the Streets of Melbourne by Anita Davidson.
Winner, Documentary category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“My interest in documentary photography comes from the love for street photography,” says Anita. “Melbourne’s protests are always well documented, impassioned events. When I was photographing, I wanted to focus on capturing the energy and the swirling emotions of the crowd. I was aiming to photograph in a different way and showcase the movement and the energy of the people marching on the streets.”

Instagram: @andana.street

PRIZE: Fujifilm X-S20 and Fujinon XC15-45mm lens valued at $2,499, plus $1,000 cash



Originally from Melbourne, Brooke Pyke is now based near the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. She has been working in tourism and diving since 2014, primarily as a dive instructor. She is a self-taught photographer and now works predominantly in ocean, travel and adventure photography.

'Midnight Dancers' by Brooke Pyke.
Winner, Animal category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“During a trip to the Maldives last year, we had the chance to encounter tawny nurse sharks up close on a night dive,” Brooke says. “I wanted to capture the elegant movements of the sharks as they danced together under the lights of my strobes. I used both video lights and strobes combined with a slowed shutter speed to capture the swirling effect of the light around them. The video lights lit them as they moved and when the strobes fired it froze part of the moment.”

Instagram: @brookepykephotography

PRIZE: $1,000 cash, MSI Prize Pack valued at $500



Wollongong based photographer Edi Ivancic has been shooting since 2017. After completing a Diploma of Photography in 2021, he decided to pursue black and white fine art photography specialising in architecture and landscape, and his influences include Michael Kenna, Lionel Orriols and Xavier Rey.

'Sydney Colosseum Theatre' by Edi Ivancic.
  Winner, Architecture category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024. 

“My entry Sydney Colosseum Theatre started when I came across an article about the theatre in an architectural magazine,” says Edi. “I was immediately drawn by its distinctive design, the flowing ribbon-like sculptural form and the vertical glass windows. I spent a few hours one afternoon shooting from different perspectives, mindful to avoid distractions like people, traffic signs and light poles and was extremely lucky with the weather.

“I strive to capture a subjective response to the world of light and shadow; to capture the mood of the environment around me and the light, colours, structural form and textures within it.”

Instagram: @eivancicphotography

PRIZE: $1000 cash, MSI Prize Pack (includes backpack and hoodie) valued at $500



Originally from England, Matthew Portch started out as an illustrator. From there he went on to study graphic design and photography in college and then pursued a successful career in graphic design.

Although initially fascinated by full-frame 35mm digital photography, it was the large-format film landscape photographers from 1960s America that inspired him to pursue a more modern approach, still using medium-format, but with a digital back.

'Lost America' by Matthew Portch.
Winner, Landscape category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024. 

“Lost America examines a quiet stillness in a forgotten landscape that is, in a sense, ‘on pause’,” says Matthew. “Ardently stagnant in appearance, the spaces yearn to instil a melancholic feeling of familiarity. One might not notice the scenes when viewed within the vast stretch of America’s panorama. Yet, framed as a vignette, each could appear to echo a moment of mournful reverie and reflective contemplation.”

Instagram: @matt_portch

PRIZE: $1,000 cash



Originally a professional industrial designer and amateur painter, these days David Niu spends more time pursuing his passion for street photography. He enjoys shooting in both black and white and colour, though he rarely converts colour to black and white.

“I don’t deliberately pursue or attempt to invent my own photography style,” says David. “I just want to take what I think of as good aesthetic photos, and I believe personal style is a gradual process of maturing within the photographic medium.

'On the Ferry' by David Niu.
Winner, Black & White category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024. 

“I took a lot of photos in Istanbul, and only about 30% of them are B&W photos, and many of them were taken on the ferry. I used a Leica M10 Monochrome camera and a 21mm ultra-wide-angle lens to take these photos, though this lens means I need to be very close to the subject. My method is mainly based on observation and patience and moving quickly when needed to.”

Instagram: @davids_art_street

PRIZE: Fujifilm X-T5 and Fujinon XF16-80mm lens valued at $4,099, plus $1,000 cash



Susi Nodding discovered a passion for photography later in life when her husband gave her a camera. She has not looked back since. Initially focusing on capturing sports and events, she later found a fascination with urban architecture. During the COVID pandemic, she dedicated time to studying and enhancing her skills in blending fine art and composites. Perth serves as her home city, and she actively participates in two camera clubs, relishing the challenges and diversity of their monthly shooting assignments.

Cutting Edge by Susi Nodding.
Winner, Art category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“The ‘Cutting Edge’ series began as a playful, tongue-in-cheek collection of photos that depicted the sibling rivalry among my three sons, with them using their hands to cut a rope,” says Susi. “As I continued to examine these images, I realised their potential. Gradually, the series evolved to portray athletes in various sports, capturing the dynamic angles and movements inherent to their specific disciplines.”

Instagram: @susinodding

PRIZE: Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 A2 printer valued at $2,089, Moab Paper pack valued at $500 (courtesy Total Image Supplies), $1,000 cash



Originally a professional industrial designer and amateur painter, these days David Niu spends more time pursuing his passion for street photography. He enjoys shooting in both black and white and colour, though he rarely converts colour to black and white.

'Istanbul Delight' by David Niu.
Winner, Travel category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“Istanbul’s old town is very crowded with locals and tourists, which makes it difficult to get relatively simple content, and good composition”, says David. “I used a 28mm lens instead of the 35mm that I usually use in Australia, as I could get a lot closer to the subjects in Istanbul. This busy, local environment made me consider taking multi-layered photos.

“During my stay, I went to the old town everyday for a week and practiced shooting all different kind of ‘layerings’. Finally, after many, many photos, I finally felt I had some good shots.”

Instagram: @davids_art_street

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $1000, plus $1000 cash



Stephane Thomas is a Sydney based French-Australian photographer who enjoys shooting many genres from landscape and architecture, to environmental portraits and dance photography. While he enjoys the myriad of photographic opportunities that the natural world presents, he has taken a keen interest in the world of studio work and the challenge of shaping light within a controlled environment.

'Before The Concert' by Stephane Thomas.
Winner, Single Shot category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“‘Before the Concert’ was shot backstage at the Sydney Opera House in natural light coming from a narrow window on the left,” says Stephane. “It tells the story of Vicki Parkin, cellist at Opera Australia Orchestra, resting before a performance.

“Walking around the green room at the Opera House I was drawn to the red couch and the wonderful morning light coming to it. I was inspired by the work of Edward Hopper and Jeffrey Smart to create a minimalist image that would tell a simple story while also including different elements to allow the viewers to explore the frame and create their own interpretation.”

Instagram: @stephane.thomas


PRIZE: $1000 cash, Professional Photo Consultation with Sally Brownbill from The Brownbill Effect valued at $440




“Photography has been a long-cherished interest of mine,” says Cheng Kang. “More recently, I started devoting more time to this hobby, particularly bird photography. This photographic journey has transformed me into a nature enthusiast, deeply passionate about wildlife and the unique landscapes of this country.

“For this series, I aimed to focus on storytelling and capturing the many emotions, such as love and compassion, shared by both animals and people alike, connecting us more closely with our common environment.

'Love Affair' by Cheng Kang.
Runner-Up, Animal category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“I have always been amazed to see the variety of spectacular social behaviour exhibited by birds as they can often be very shy and cautious.

“With patience, persistence and a little bit of luck, one can get a unique glimpse into the secret lives of birds and share their stories for others to enjoy.”

Instagram: @cheng_2015

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


  1. Brooke Pyke – Midnight Dancers
  2. Cheng Kang – Love Affair
  3. Amy Loffler – Roosting Native Bees
  4. Emma Gough – Domestic Wilderness
  5. Andrii Slonchak – Mesmerising Beauty of Lion’s Mane Jellyfish
  6. Brooke Pyke – Ningaloo Blue
  7. Rowan Dear – Hunting for Dragons
  8. Rowan Dear – Mum and Bub
  9. Terence Tong – Cuttlefish Facades
  10. Stephen Noble – Frogs!
  11. Amy Loffler – Masters of Disguise
  12. Ghislain Yung – Looking Up
  13. Edwina Moutray – Hanging Around
  14. Emma Parker – Ready to Take Your Catch
  15. Kamil JureczkoMicrocosm on the Giant's Back
  16. Emma Parke – A Moment Between to Rest
  17. Dave Mayes – Domestic Bliss
  18. Robert Olive – Hooked
  19. Gergo Rugli – Dolphin Swim
  20. Tim Burgess – Fehurihi



Emma Sanders is a Melbourne-based photographer with a passion for architectural, travel, street, and abstract photography. Her work often delves into everyday realities and the built environment, aiming to elevate them through careful consideration of tonality, texture, and composition. Emma refined her skills at the Photography Studies College, where she earned an Advanced Diploma of Photography, and she is presently developing her personal portfolio.

'City Light' by Emma Sanders.
Runner-Up, Architecture category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“I live in the Melbourne CBD and for this series I was interested in capturing the interplay of light, shadows, and materials in the built environment”, says Emma. “The images showcase individual structures, but also speak to the interpretation of space and the way light can transform urban settings. When I shot the series, I tended to remain open to chance occurrences and responded to the changing light over the course of a few days.”

Instagram: @emma_catherine_photography

Runner-up: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. Edi Ivancic – Sydney Colosseum Theatre
2. Emma Sanders – City Light
3. Matthew Tuffield – The Modern Perth
4. Louise Wolbers – The Forum
5. Kathy Wallace – Melbourne Black White & Blue Patterns
6. Monique Couvee – Look Up & See
7. Anne Bonser Blue – Blades
8. Troy Williams – Australian Parliament House
9. Benjamin Hams – Reflections of Faith
10. Luke David – Operatic Geometry
11. David McKenna – Beneath SkyCity
12. Theresia Hall – Sydney Business School
13. Susi Nodding – Bell Station
14. Theresia Hall – W Hotel Spa
15. Steve Day – Tall Timber
16. Rosie Steggles – Canary Wharf Series
17. Kathy Wallace – Step Up
18. Adri Ou – Gateway
19. Kathy Wallace – Curves
20. Rosemary Featherstone – Facades



Originally from Brazil, Fernanda Pedroso has been pursuing a Diploma in Photography in Canberra where she has been using her access to the studio, and her background in the advertising industry to build and create conceptual images that touch on societal issues.

“The contemporary society is marked by relentless connectivity and the constant pursuit of self-improvement,” says Fernanda. “In our pursuit of becoming, we often overlook the process of ‘unbecoming’.

“For the first image ‘Caged’ (below top) I used a mask made of copper wires. We think we are free to access the world with technology, however it is the technology which keeps us caged from the real world.

Unbecoming by Fernanda Pedroso.
Runner-Up, Art category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“The second image ‘It doesn’t sound right’ (above left) utilises 50 headphones and is a portrait of a generation growing overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive all the time. Not leaving the present with presence, but in a parallel place. The mental health problems are exploding.

“For the third image ‘disCONNECTED’ (above right) the model has electrical terminals glued directly to his head. In a rapidly evolving world driven by technological advancements, we are more connected than ever, yet there is a pervasive sense of disconnection.”


PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. Susi Nodding – Cutting Edge
2. Fernanda Pedroso – Unbecoming
3. Paul Evans – Still Life with Fish
4. Rosie Steggles – Cities in the Clouds
5. Debbie Hartley – Corroded Landscape
6. Elli Bardas – The Light Shines Brighter
7. Adrian Donoghue – The Babysitter
8. Kathy Servian – Decadent Georgians
9. Luke David – Light Matters #1
10. Hannah Connell – Paper Cranes
11. Chieh Fui Liang – Entangled Flavours
12. Mai Naito – Oneirataxia
13. Luke David – Light Matters #2
14. Brody Gamble – Galactic Dreaming
15. Brody Gamble – Self Discovering Self
16. Andrew Tan – Experimental Transmissions to Another Dimension
17. Air Bare: Sarah & Lucy Jenkins – Haphazard
18. Paul Fisher – Vertigo
19. Beata Tworek – Beauty and the Beast
20. Jasmin Evans – Gesture



Kerrie Burow is an underwater photographer who has been diving regularly since 2016 and is a qualified technical cave and closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) diver.

Kerrie has a particular interest in photographing the people she dives with – ordinary people with extraordinary exploratory pursuits such as cave diving, deep technical and shipwreck diving.

'Mayan Depths: Cave Explorer Lilia' by Kerrie Burow.
Runner-Up, Documentary category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

Over the past few years, Kerrie has honed her focus on cave diving photography, drawing parallels with traditional studio portrait lighting techniques. This pursuit has led her to capture stunning images of cave divers in locations spanning Australia, Italy, France, and Mexico.

The images in this series were shot in the caves of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, in 2023.

Instagram: @kerrieburowphotography

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. David Niu – On the Ferry
2. Kerrie Burow – Mayan Depths: Cave Explorer Lilia
3. Nilmini De Silva – Misty Mountain Peaks
4. Ceri Evans – Roots
5. Rowan Dear – Baby in Black
6. Paul Anderson – Milford Sound Waterfalls
7. Lynn Stephens-Tait – Meandering Roads
8. Edi Ivancic – Pylons and Stays
9. Sheree Allsop Brown Bears in B&W
10. Emma Parker – Between the Clouds and Ice
11. Polly Fenton – Indigenous Dancers
12. Niall Chang – Winter in Idaho
13. Hugo Begg – What They Don’t See
14. Rob Heneghan – Uluru
15. David Gray – Big Top Boys
16. Porsha Bryant – Between the Light
17. Julie Pallant – Hidden Epidemic of Depression
18. Paul Wesley – Lines and Texture
19. Monique Couvee – Diamonds for Her
20. Bob Walpole – Fences in the Snow



Ian Flanders is a self-taught documentary photographer who aims to challenge himself and others with what he captures through his lens. The Sydney-based photographer prefers to focus on long-term projects that have a story to tell.

Start Marching by Ian Flanders.
Runner-Up, Documentary category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024. 

“I captured this series over 24 weeks, 19 of which were consecutive,” says Ian. “The first protest, was known as the 'static protest'. The passion, anger, pride and resistance was palpable. Within two weeks of photographing the protest, I felt a body of work in the making. But to do this I needed to prove myself to these people: not only was I there for the right reason, but I was there to give them a platform for their voices. I felt this could only be achieved with persistence and compassion in my approach.”

Instagram: @ceasefirenowphotography

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. Anita Davidson – On the Streets of Melbourne
2. Ian Flanders – Start Marching
3. Lewis Warner – Chanukah
4. Nadja Arold – Forgettable Wednesdays
5. Sim Chong – Noodle Making
6. Sofia Cieslar – Nostalgic Negatives: A 1.5-Year Ode to Teenage Transitions
7. Nicholas Gane – The Porters of Kilimanjaro
8. Lewis Warner – Thoroughbreds
9. Luke Sartor – Zac Dunn Athlete
10. Mariana Zilbershteyn – Widows of Vrindavan
11. Diane Armstrong – The Forgotten Arctic
12. Laura Walker – The Reno
13. Cheng Kong – Caged Life
14. Edwina Moutray – Job Done
15. Danica Adam – With Woman
16. Jerusha McDowell – Where the Snowy Mountain Stockmen Used to Ride (The Bushman)
17. Jerusha McDowell – Where the Snowy Mountain Stockmen Used to Ride (The Crossing Collection)
18. Kristyn Taylor – Whipping the Hamar Women
19. Mike George – Sumo
20. John Dalton – Bob’s Last Peanut Harvest



After initially owning an SLR as a teen Craig McGowan had a long hiatus from photography. More recently, he has rediscovered his passion for landscape photography and unearthing interesting remote locations. Further, he has delved into creating large photographic prints, which he feels have enhanced his capture and processing abilities tenfold.

'Winter on The Prairies' by Craig Mcgowan.
Runner-Up, Landscape category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“Last year I embarked on a road trip in northern USA and southern Canada during winter,” Craig says. “The intent was to shoot landscapes on the plains and prairies. However, while in Saskatchewan a weather event caused the temperatures to drop well below zero. With limited visibility, traditional scenes were impossible to shoot. But what the conditions delivered were structures, natural and man-made isolated against their surroundings. Trees covered in hoar frost would appear from the fog when driving and each tree took on its own particular beauty. Stopping and capturing these during those days was never originally planned, but resulted in some of my favourite images from that trip.”

Instagram: @cmac6248   Web:

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. Matthew Portch – Lost America
2. Craig Mcgowan – Winter on The Prairies
3. Peter Andrewartha – Sea Fog
4. Niall Chang – Unsettled
5. Air Bare: Sarah and Lucy Jenkins – Salt Lakes Good Enough To Eat!
6. Attila Bartalos – The Land of Hills and Sheep
7. Warren Lee – Broken Crosses
8. Mark Wassell – Lone Trees
9. Gergo Rugli – Stygian Seas
10.  Kerstin Lembke – Aerial Abstracts Over a Pink Salt Lake in Pingrup
11. Sarina Jackson – Lane of the Brave
12. Remi Schommers – Peaks of Nepal
13. Paul Anderson – Wyndham Mudflats
14. Andrew Atkinson – Tracks
15. Andrew Atkinson – Salt & Colour
16. Allen Tang – Mountain Mirrors
17. Brody Gamble – South Island Specials
18. Gergo Rugli – Sirenic Symphony
19. Andrew Atkinson – In the Flow
20. Shaun Pau – Ancient Rock Structures - Kosciusko National Park



Michael Glass is an Australian Army veteran based in Brisbane who specialises mainly in sports photography. After studying a Diploma of Digital Imaging and Photography at TAFE Queensland, he developed a love of portraiture.

For Michael, photography is a form of therapy. His photography allows Michael to focus on the positive moments in life, with the act of pressing the shutter button an act of mindfulness.

'Ubique' by Michael Glass.
Runner-Up, Portrait category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024. 

“Ubique (meaning – everywhere) is the motto of the Royal Australian Corps of Engineers,” says Michael. “I had the pleasure of serving with combat engineers, both Australian and from international contingents during my time in uniform. My photo series was originally shot for my final assignment at TAFE Queensland and was meant to be an homage to combat engineers, particularly those who conduct explosive ordnance disposal and search operations. However, it turned into a study of the humanity of soldiers; who they are and what motivates them. And over time, I found that I could retrospectively apply those same questions to who I am.”

Instagram: @the.odyssey.image  Web:

Prize: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. Fernanda Pedroso – Earthly
2. Michael Glass – Ubique
3. Kristyn Taylor – Free Flowing
4. Ian Flanders – Cease Fire Now!
5. Fernanda Pedrosa – Earthly
6. Darth Cornelius – Here Before
7. Holly Mclean – Flower Child
8. Kate Flowers – Wildlings
9. Rosie Richards – Portraits from Another World
10. Luke Sartor – Fire Fire Fire
11. Ella Cuming – Girl Portraits
12. Natalie Latacevski – Release
13. Sim Chong – Cham Potter
14. Porsha Bryant – Between the Light
15. Paul Charles Bartlett – Faces of Bali
16. Julie Pallant – Who is that Old Person in the Mirror?
17. Jose Gomez – Portraits of Martial Artists and Fighters
18. Polly Fenton – In the Abstract
19. Rachel Wright – Fierce
20. Mark Clifford – Self Portrait



Sophie Lillis has always loved photography and her dog Hildie is her main reason for shooting and the subject of most of her photographs. Originally taking Hildie portraits on her phone, Sophie soon upgraded to an entry-level DSLR and then to a mirrorless kit. Her Hildie portraits have led her to find some incredible locations all over the country.

Framed by Winter by Sophie Lillis.
Runner-Up, Single Shot category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“On a cold, rainy, winter morning on one of our favourite walks in Melbourne, I saw a carpet of flowers covering the trail,” says Sophie. “I knew I had to try and frame Hildie in amongst them, and her being the awesome model that she is, she innately knew to stand perfectly in the correct spot while I shuffled around – eventually taking this particular image.”

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. Stephane Thomas – Before the Concert
2. Sophie Lillis – Framed by Winter
3. Fernanda Pedroso – You've Been Served
4. Thomas Martin Mcshane – Wiencke Island
5. Fernanda Pedroso – Earthly
6. Mary Regan – The Chain Hang at Mahon Pool
7. Danica Adam – Ever After
8. Liz Barratt – Staged
9. Byron Mcloughlin – Wave Dancer
10. Kate Flowers – Windows of the Soul
11. Polly Fenton – Indigenous Elder
12. Kate Flowers – Forest Bathing
13. Nicholas Gane – Dancing at Schechen Nunnery
14. Anne Papadakis – Trust
15. Russell Barwell – Firefighters at Work
16. Ruth Woodrow – Yes
17. Debbie Hartley – Ultraviolet Flower
18. Marianna Heberley – One More Click
19. Peter Ogden – The First Supper
20. Anna C Madden – All That Glitters is Not Gold – Barb Wire



Gail Mitchell’s journey with photography began in her 20s, but the demands of work temporarily sidelined her passion. However, in 2019, her husband gave her a DSLR, reigniting her love for capturing moments. She finds herself captivated by landscapes, seascapes, travel photography, and the unique perspectives her drone offers. The camaraderie, sharing, and sense of adventure inherent in photography deeply resonate with her. Recently, Gail co-founded the Women’s Photography Hub as a way to support and inspire other female photographers. She seizes every opportunity to shoot, and says photography is not just a hobby but her true passion.

One Varderbilt New York by Gail Mitchell.
Runner-Up, Architecture category, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2024.

“One Vanderbilt is one of the newest buildings in NYC (opened 2020) with amazing 360 degrees views of Manhattan,” says Gail. “I was in NY working and managed to get tickets for our last night to go up just before sunset. I hung around for two hours waiting for the light to change. I would have stayed all night, but I had a flight to catch. Tripods weren’t allowed – so all my images are handheld.”

Instagram: @gailmitchell_photos

PRIZE: Camera House voucher valued at $200


1. David Niu – Istanbul Delight
2. Gail Mitchell – One Vanderbilt New York
3. Philip Hardy – Exploring the Sahara
4. Thomas Martin Mcshane – The 7th Continent
5. Luke David – Museums of Italy
6. Louis Lee – In the Mood for Mexico
7. Lynne Alderton – After Dark
8. Annie Lu – Retracing Shackleton's Steps at Cape Royds
9. Matt Hardy – Postcards from Iceland
10. Warren Lee – New York Route 7 The Red, White and Blue**
11. Kristyn Taylor – Camping with the Karo
12. Gwyn Morgan – Contrast of South Korea
13. Monique Couvee – Suspended
14. Nathan Stewart – Closing Time, Murghab Market
15. Diane Armstrong – Cultural Awakening
16. Paul Charles Bartlett Faces of Bali
17. Lawrence Chan Birdlife Indonesia
18. Joanne Costanzo – Indian Wedding Season
19. Sara Nash – Nihon
20. Bob Walpole – Red Roofed Churches of Iceland


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