Are you a 'cyber-shooter'? Watch this news video exploring cutting edge digital photography in 1995

There is so much incredible technology we take for granted these days. I recall back in 2001 contemplating the insane cost ($1,000) for the 1GB IBM Microdrive compact flash card for my 3.3MP Canon G1 digital camera.

Wind the clock back even further to 1995, as a photographer you'd be mind blown by the futuristic 1.4MP Fujix Nikon with a $20,000 price tag ($40K adjusted for inflation). 

This intriguing and humorous video was produced by CNET in 1995 and features the tech of the day including the Fujix Nikon, the Apple QuickTake, Photoshop as well as primitive food blog sites.

It's full of interesting quotes such as 'I've got a picture in about 2 minutes... a lot faster than 1 hour photo... Driving to your local photo-mat could be a thing of the past.' And 'You can put the image into a 'photoshop'... and transmit it anywhere on the planet!'

You can see more great tech videos on CNET's YouTube channel or the CNET website.