$10,000 of camera gear recovered thanks to $45 device

One Australian caught a lucky break when he was successfully able to recover almost $10,00 worth of camera gear and a laptop that were stolen from his car while parked at his hotel during a holiday through South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.

The Air Tag attached to Graham Tait's camera.
The Air Tag attached to Graham Tait's camera.

Sydneysider Graham Tait had fortunately attached an Apple AirTag his laptop and camera. The $45 coin-sized device sends out Bluetooth signals that are picked up by Apple devices everywhere. As reported by 9 News, Tait said: “I used the Find My app and tracked the missing items down to a room in the hotel we are staying in.” Opening the app revealed the location of his gear, thanks to the signal being relayed by passers-by with iPhones or the iPhone of the alleged thief themselves.

Police are currently dealing with the alleged offender.


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