79 finalists announced for $20,000 Olive Cotton Award

A total of 79 finalists have been selected for the 2019 Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture. The national Award will be on display from 12 July at the Tweed Regional Gallery. Vying for the $20,000 prize, the winner will be announced on 13 July. A total of 432 entries were received for the Award this year. Entries include a flattened 3D photogrammetric model made from 250 photographs and a series of overlayed hour-long exposures – both processes aiming to capture a sense of the subjects' experience of sitting for a portrait.

© Melissa Anderson. Rosie Batty, 2018. Silver gelatin print.
© Melissa Anderson. Rosie Batty, 2018. Silver gelatin print.

Among the personal and politicised subjects are a number of well-known faces including Australian domestic violence campaigner and 2015 Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty AO, philanthropist Tim Fairfax AC, and Australia's oldest dancer, 104-year-old Eileen Kramer.

Regional photographers continue to be well represented in the Award with Steve Bush, Francis Cloake, Justin Ealand, Natalie Grono, Brett Moffatt, Lisa Sorgini, Rob Scott-Mitchell, Marc Stapelberg, and Craig Tuffin among the finalists. The finalists are also drawn from across Australia, including Ella Dreyfus, Stephen Dupont, Petrina Hicks, Damien Shen, Jacqui Stockdale, Greg Weight, and Anne Zahalka.

© Gerwyn Davies. Hedge, 2017. Archival inkjet print.
© Gerwyn Davies. Hedge, 2017. Archival inkjet print.

All 79 finalists will be on exhibition at Tweed Regional Gallery until Sunday 22 September. Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm.

2019 Olive Cotton Award Finalists

  • Hoda Afshar
  • Melissa Anderson
  • Riste Andrievski
  • George Angelovski
  • Simon Bernhardt
  • Isaac Brown
  • Chris Budgeon
  • Margaret Ellen Burns
  • Steve Bush
  • Brett Canet-Gibson
  • Dave Carswell
  • Peter Cheng
  • Francis Cloake
  • Michael Corridore
  • Emilio Cresciani
  • Judith Nangala Crispin
  • Gerwyn Davies
  • Agnieszka Davis
  • Isaebella Doherty
  • Ella Dreyfus
  • Stephen Dupont
  • Justin Ealand
  • Jacqueline Felstead
  • Steph Fuller
  • Douglas Gibson
  • Gary Grealy
  • Natalie Grono
  • Imogen Hall
  • Geoff Harvey
  • Petrina Hicks
  • Kalyanii Holden
  • Vanessa Howells
  • Shea Kirk
  • David Knight
  • Lisa Kurtz
  • Kellie Leczinksa
  • Jane Long
  • Robyn MacRae
  • Garrie Maguire
  • Paula Mahoney
  • Belinda Mason
  • Mia Mala McDonald
  • Andrew Merry
  • Mario Mirabile
  • Brett Moffatt
  • Fiona Morris
  • Cameron Neville
  • Tyrone Ormsby
  • Judith Parrott
  • Ilana Payes
  • Martine Perret
  • Viki Petherbridge
  • Clare Rae
  • Sissy Reyes
  • Renate Rienmueller
  • Allison Rose
  • Annette Ruzicka
  • Karl Schwerdtfeger
  • Robert Scott-Mitchell
  • Sam Scoufos
  • Krystal Seigerman
  • Russell Shakespeare
  • Damien Shen
  • Stephanie Simcox
  • Jeremy Simons
  • Chris Sinclair
  • Grant Smith
  • Lisa Sorgini
  • Marc Stapelberg
  • David Stefanoff
  • Tristan Still
  • Jacqui Stockdale
  • Darren Tan
  • Nathan Stolz
  • Cyrus Tang
  • Craig Tuffin
  • Greg Weight
  • Tamara Whyte
  • Yiorgos Zafiriou
  • Anne Zahalka


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