Leica's exclusive M10-R black paint edition

Leica’s renowned M10-R is now available with a high-gloss black paint finish. While the technical specifications are identical to earlier releases, including a 40-megapixel sensor, other important cometic details further distinguish this camera, including classic Leica lettering on the top plate, along with an ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany’ engraving. There's also the the omission of the red Leica dot to help make this M10-R as unobtrusive as possible. And like all Leica M cameras, this latest iteration boasts an ultra-quiet shutter for near-silent shooting.

With years of use, glimpses of brass will gradually reveal themselves on the corners and edges of this M10-R, giving each camera its own individual character. Other aspects distinguishing this camera are ISO and shutter speed dial both featuring classic diamond-pattern knurling, while the shutter button has a silver-chrome finish.

This latest M10-R has an RRP of $13,900, compared to $13,500 for previous editions. Head to the Lecia website for more information and full technical specifications.

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