The latest portable powerbanks from BioLite, the Charge PD series, offers portable power in three capacities: Charge PD 20 (6,000 mAh), Charge PD 40 (10,000 mAh), and Charge PD 80 (20,000 mAh). So, when you’re your miles from the studio, and miles from power, you won’t need to worry about your phone, tablet, or even your laptop running out of juice.

Designed to power high-performance personal electronics, the range features USB-C power delivery for faster, more flexible charging, for phones, tablets, and other gear. Featuring one USB-C PD port (up to 18W – three times faster than a traditional USB port) and two USB-A quick charge out ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The Charge 80 PD can fully charge a 13" laptop. The powerbanks take between two and five hours to reach full charge.


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