With the extraordinary opportunity to work on projects with the Smithsonian and Smithsonian Magazine through the years, it’s safe to say that Cade Martin could find a second career as a museum curator or tour guide.

Digging beneath the sun-baked soil, 'Abandoned Australia' uncovers the modern ruins scattered over this arid continent and reveals a series of beautifully broken abodes hiding in the crevices of the Great Southern Land.

'Fisherwomen' is a long-term exploration, in words and pictures, of the contemporary and historical importance of women to the fishing industry. The work will be published by Ten O’Clock Books.

'Lost but Found' is a project that was initiated as a result of Peter Sharp’s work as the volunteer photographer and ambassador for Sydney Dogs & Cats Home. The work has recently been published by Macmillan Australia.

Cade Martin‘s work often shows us his vision through imagination and gets us asking questions about how he creates his images, and where he gets his ideas from.

Agender is a platform for change for female photographers. 'Balance for Better' was their second annual exhibition.

In her series, 'Meditations', Alice Zilberberg creates animal montages as an expression of self-therapy.

The myth of the photographer as a solo artist appears to be dominating our contemporary photography culture. But you only have to scratch the surface to discover there is much to gain from photography collaborations.

Cade Martin’s project, 'Character, not Characters', showcases tattoo enthusiasts, and with his post production team, he continues the storytelling beyond the one started in a makeshift photo booth.

Photographer Lee Howell has spent over four years immersed in the diverse Kingsland community to authentically document the nature of one of Auckland’s liveliest suburbs

"When I first heard about the Coffin Clubs, I was equal parts disturbed and fascinated." - Melissa Nickerson

Each image in Nicky Hamilton’s personal project, 'The Lonely Man', is a three-month labour of love and patience. What first seems like an image in a quaint location is in fact a set built, dressed, and styled by Hamilton himself.

Renowned travel and landscape photographer, Ignacio Palacios explains why "Heartbroken" is one of the best pictures he has ever created.

Chris Hopkins' series, "My Name is Yunus", was awarded the Walkley Award for Feature/Photographic essay, one of the highest honours in Australian Journalism.

"Untitled" consists of 15 street photographs Bruce Gilden captured in Melbourne in 2011, using his Leica M6.

"It’s taken me weeks to get over the emotional impact of this shoot." Behind the scenes on one of Chris Crisman's most challenging shoots.