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As photographers struggle to make the most of social media to help boost their businesses and introduce their work to new clients on a playing field constantly changing, will Instagram's latest offering entice them?

Don't miss your opportunity to make a submission to be featured in our biggest edition of the year, The Annual. Read on for full details.

Amazing panel finally reveled for Passion2Profit: an emerging photographers' masterclass. The topic of discussion for the 1 August event in Sydney is, "So you wanna be a pro? Survival strategies for emerging photographers."

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Nicola Bernardi claims to resemble a thumb with a goatee. If that’s not enough to make him interesting, he is currently working on translating, from Italian, a book about cycling the length of Japan, narrated partly with photos and comics.

Photography was supposed to be just a bit of creative fun in a journey towards academia, but for Christine Pobke, it eventually became her life.

For decades, legendary visual storyteller and co-founder of the photo agency, VII, Ed Kashi, has captured the experiences of the disenfranchised, voiceless and forgotten. In this feature, the spotlight is reversed, and he tells his tale.

Daniel Klaas’ love of photography began in childhood, and he still has fond memories of taking photos with a Polaroid SX-70 when he was around eight years old.

Marion Abada was drawn to photography in her mid-twenties during her travels around Europe and the Middle East. Abada says that she has always loved the creative path, although her path to photography has been a circuitous one.

From a young age, Melissa Cowan loved shooting pictures. “I was always the one at parties with disposable cameras, running around making sure to capture snaps of all my friends,” she says. “I think it just started from there.”

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