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Each year, Capture magazine attracts a judging panel for the Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers contest that comprises some the best photographers from Australia, and around the globe. Read on to see who is judging this year.

Joel Santos became the first-ever Portuguese overall winner in the award’s 14-year history, beating photographers from 123 countries to take the title of Travel Photographer of the Year 2016, along with the £4,000 first prize.

Capture’s largest, most-inspiring edition of the year, The Annual, was released in early November. Keen to learn who made it into this very special issue, then read on...

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Jai Long’s initial introduction to photography was when he picked up a camera to curb his boredom while working in the mines in Western Australia in 2010.

New Zealand photographer Troy Goodall has featured in Lürzer's Archive biennial 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide, as well as received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Is he NZ's best kept secret?

A television and radio journalist with 15 years’ experience, Jane Cowan now prefers to let pictures tell the story. "Photography puts the subject at the centre, rather than a reporter.”

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