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Each year the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB) presents its fundraising event, The Red Dot Collection Fundraiser. Held in two locations, Ballarat and Melbourne, the events will each feature up to 100 prints, presented anonymously.

The call for entries for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017 is now open. The most outstanding portrait will win the major prize of $25,000.

The winners of the action and adventure sports photography contest, Red Bull Illume Image Quest were recently announced in Chicago, across 11 categories.

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A television and radio journalist with 15 years’ experience, Cowan now prefers to let pictures tell the story. "Photography puts the subject at the centre, rather than a reporter.”

Freelance documentary photographer Stephanie Simcox started out in photography by shooting film in high school on her mum’s old Pentax. After high school, she was accepted into the National Art School.

Perth photographer Chris Gurney links his work inextricably to the ocean and surf culture. “I like looking at the whole picture; focusing not just on the surfing, but the people, the places, and how they interact,” he says.

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