The story behind Adam Ferguson's portraits of the girls that the terrorist organization Boko Haram strapped suicide bombs to, and how he produced the captivating portraits.

As Official Photographic Agency of the International Olympic Committee, Getty Images photographers will capture over 2 million photographs by the times the Games are over. Here are some highlights from the first week.

Disillusioned with making photos that turned soldiers into heroes, photojournalist Adam Ferguson turned to civilians to show the human toll of war. Read on to learn about he developed this series, along with his recently launched newsletter

Michael Grecco’s book 'Punk, Post Punk, New Wave: Onstage, Backstage' reflects the raw energy, power, sweat, anarchy, and antics that characterized the insurgent alternative music of the time.

The latest series by fine art aerial photographer Brad Walls focuses on the beauty of synchronised swimming.

Renowned British portrait and fashion photographer Rankin's latest project, 'Lost for Words', seeks to encourage the conversation around death.

Aerial photographer Brad Walls, also known as Bradscanvas, has recently released a new body of work, 'ballerine de l'air' (Ballerina from the air).

An adventurer at heart, Cade Martin has always sought out people and organizations that intrigue him, with the intent to discover and tell their stories through his imagery. Here is the story of SourceAmerica.

Renowned US-based advertising specialist Tim Tadder's latest project, 'Black is a Colour', seeks to encourages empathy, unity, and a non-binary view of race.

Photojournalist Darrian Traynor documents the horrific injuries inflicted by Israeli forces, and the lengthy treatment received by Palestinians protesting in Gaza.

The aim of Christopher Hopkins' project, 'Invisible Wounds', is to visually represent the tension and fragility of Australian military veterans living with a range of mental health and wellness issues.

A new photography exhibition shines a light on the stories behind the tattoos of our servicemen and women.

'Salt Moon' is a collaboration between photographer, Simon Harsent and poet, David Harsent. It began as a series of slow-exposure photographs of moonlight reflected in the ocean.

Check out Adrian Smith's incredible never-before-seen footage of insects flying, captured at 3,200fps.

American portrait specialist, Tim Tadder and his crew spent time with font-line healthcare professionals to produce these powerful images for his project, 'Health Care Heroes'.

Martin Von Stoll won the Single Shot category of Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2020. His winning image also graced the cover of the May/June/July edition of Capture magazine. Here's what happened on the day.