Sally Brownbill tackles the million-dollar question – what are prospective clients looking for when scouring portfolios? And shares how should you go about designing yours.

All the best advice from our panel of world-class judges from Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2020. It's compulsory reading for all those entering.

Hopefully, it's never happened to you, but if a hard drive fails, then what?!

The value of a networking to both emerging and seasoned professional can never be underestimated. You just never know where your next opportunity is going to come from.

Those who have created a good career from photography are those who have demonstrated the resilience to embrace change. And one thing in life is certain: change is inevitable.

Decades in the industry along with the impacts of the pandemic on the photographic community have only helped to reaffirm Sally Brownbill's views on the importance of collaboration.

The practice of photography has been fraught with censorship since the inception of the medium itself. But at a time when politics are increasingly divisive and algorithms are playing a larger role in our consumption of images, censorship is more complex and more complicated than ever.

Sally Brownbill considers the ongoing quest to find inspiration, and what you can do to make the search a rewarding one.

We speak with some of the world’s leading architectural photographers to learn what great architectural photography means to them, plus they share their views on changes in the profession, and what the future might hold.

Black and white is a storytelling powerpack, if you will. Once the only choice, it is becoming, for a growing number of photographers, the first choice once again.

Keen to make a submission for The Annual 2020? You can find everything you need to know here! EXTENDED DEADLINE CLOSES 26 August, 11:59pm (AEST).

Year after year, the wedding and portrait industry seemed to be plagued with stories of photographers battling it out in a struggling market. However, 2019 brought a sense of clarity that many photographers were searching for...

Instagram is not out to hurt your business. It’s trying to be a reputable tool for business. It has to get rid of the cheats and it has to be seen to support healthy social behaviour.

What if photography, the job you’ve chosen, was an effective treatment for mental health issues? Here’s the great news. It is. It’s biochemical, and there is a growing cohort of photographers who are receiving its benefits.

The viewing is where a portrait or wedding photographer is rewarded for a lot of hard work. It is where their work sells profitably. Or doesn’t. Its success depends on a lot more than champagne, music, and mood lighting.

In the last few years, fashion has been forced to face a world in which the things it has never much cared about have become very important to the people on which it depends – consumers. So, what has this meant for fashion photographers?