Peter Brew-Bevan, one of Australia’s finest portrait photographer, and, arguably, Australia’s premier celebrity photographer capturing actors, musicians, artists, politicians, and sporting icons, is a keynote speaker at Foto L!VE.

With more than four decades of experience, photojournalist David Burnett has worked in over 70 countries, photographed every US president since JFK, co-founded the photographic agency Contact Press Images, and been awarded the highest accolades.

Edwina Robertson found her niche by drawing on her background as a country girl, and her healthy appetite for adventure – both of which have formed the basis of an upcoming photographic experiment that will take her across the country.

Documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller, Deanne Fitzmaurice not only has an impressive list of clients to her name, but has also been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, and gone on to co-found the highly successful bag company, Think Tank Photo.

At a time when digital photography and, primarily, the DSLR reign supreme, it is rare to find a photographic practitioner still fully relying upon the niceties of 35mm film, let alone medium format or large format view cameras.

A self-taught photographer, James Smart describes his studying methodology as being a digital sponge. Smart has found his own place in the world of photography and continues to sharpen his technique with every shoot he does.

Recovering from hand surgery, Jennifere Thompson made the decision to retire from her job with Victoria Police in 2011. Since graduating from photography studies, Thompson says she never dreamed she'd be in the position she now finds herself.

Katherine Williams' self-confessed obsession with portrait photography began on a road trip from Adelaide to Darwin; planning to focus on landscape photography, the connections she made with interesting characters along the way could not be ignored.

For Chrissie Francis, it was a love of music that sparked her love of photography. At the age of fourteen, armed with a Nikon FE2 smuggled into a concert of her favourite up-and-coming band (INXS), Francis had only one goal: to make pictures

New Zealand-based documentary photographer, Niki Boon found her voice through her camera when she began to document the lives of people around her.

While he recognises the limitations of photojournalism, Ron Haviv also knows its strengths. The veteran conflict photographer tells Capture magazine how he finds his balance and stops himself minding when cat videos get more clicks than wars.

Jai Long’s initial introduction to photography was when he picked up a camera to curb his boredom while working in the mines in Western Australia in 2010.

New Zealand photographer Troy Goodall has featured in Lürzer's Archive biennial 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide, as well as received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Is he NZ's best kept secret?

A television and radio journalist with 15 years’ experience, Jane Cowan now prefers to let pictures tell the story. "Photography puts the subject at the centre, rather than a reporter.”

Freelance documentary photographer Stephanie Simcox started out in photography by shooting film in high school on her mum’s old Pentax. After high school, she was accepted into the National Art School.