Man fined close to $8,000 for drone infringements

According to a recent post on the Facebook page of CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, a Port Kembla man who initially refused to pay fines relating to an Aviation Infringement Notice (AIN) totalling $1,050 has had the fine increase sevenfold after the matter was heard in the Wollongong Magistrates Court. Following the hearing, the fines plus court costs now total $7,750. The AIN was issued by CASA for illegal operation of a drone – flying too close to his neighbour’s property and within 30m of other people.

New CASA drone registration and accreditation rules will come into effect later this year, although a specific date has not yet been set. Registration, required for commercial and recreational drones, will occur over two phases. The rules require all drone flyers to either have a remote pilot licence or have completed a short online safety quiz.

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