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    © Mario Tama

Getty Images Climate Visuals Grants call for submissions

Submissions are now open for photojournalists working to advance the visual narratives that define the global climate crisis. Two grants of $10,000 each, courtesy of Getty Images and Climate Visuals, will be awarded to two photographers whose work focuses on the local impacts of - and solutions to - climate change. The grant aims to support the creation of new stories with compelling and emotionally powerful imagery that explore this complex crisis, and both raise awareness and inspire action.

Photographers making submissions should ensure that their work demonstrates elements of the seven Climate Visuals Principles for climate change communication. Based on social research into the efficacy of climate change imagery, the guidance includes: show real people; tell new stories; show climate change causes at scale; show emotionally powerful impacts; understand the audience; show local but serious impacts; demonstrate caution and care with protest imagery.

Judging panel

  • Jay Davies, Director of Photography, Getty Images
  • Julie Doyle, Climate Communication Professor at Brighton University
  • Kate Manzo, Climate Change and Development Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University
  • Fiona Shields, Picture Editor, The Guardian
  • Toby Smith, Climate Visuals Programme Lead at Climate Outreach and Environmental Photographer

Applications can be made online at WhereWeStand.com/grants, with a closing date of Friday, 28 February, 11:59 p.m. PT.


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