Drone captures incredible close-up tornado footage

Storm chaser, Brandon Clement from WxChasing isn’t afraid of a little weather. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time when a tornado stuck near the town of Sulphur, Oklahoma, and launched his drone to capture the unfolding spectacle. Rather than simply capture static footage, Clement chased the tornado as it swept over the landscape.

Clement is a field correspondent and producer at Weather Nation TV, where the footage first appeared. In an interview with The Washington Post, Clement said that he’d been working on getting the shot for about three years. Clement, who has been chasing storms since he was a child, also said: “I’ve probably done a half-million miles chasing across the country by now. But this one is pretty special.”

Growing up in south Louisiana chasing hurricanes, he eventually became interested in tornadoes “In the years since, I’ve captured floods, hail, fires, volcanoes, blizzards, and everything else. But this is something that’s been in the making for a long time.”

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