A new system that allows you to fly your drone over crowds

In Australia, regulations surrounding the use of drones are overseen by the regulatory body CASA, and they’re relatively stringent. Their rules stipulate that: “You must not fly your drone within 30 metres of people, unless the other person is part of controlling or navigating the drone.”

In America, a new product has just passed rigorous testing which now allows you to fly your DJI drone over crowds, as long as it has a parachute attached. The Nexus system, by Indemnis, a company based in Anchorage, Alaska, provides reliable parachute technology for small drones. It straps onto DJI drones and acts as a safety measure in case the drone fails. It is equipped with sensors that can determine if any anomalies are occurring during a flight.

The Nexus parachute system for the DJI Inspire 2 drone has been validated as compliant with the new international standard for drone parachutes, following a strenuous testing procedure at the New York UAS Test Site which is managed by NUAIR. Five different failure scenarios were tested in 45 functionality tests over four days.

The Nexus is a ballistic parachute launcher, triggered automatically if the drone suddenly begins tilting abnormally or falling. It deploys the parachute within 30 milliseconds at 90mph, through a tube that rapidly inflates to keep the parachute lines away from the drone body and propellers.


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