The Album Atelier - workshop

The Album Atelier is a brand new style of workshop for wedding photographers, dedicated entirely to the business and art of albums. During the course of one intensive day, the eight mentors will take attendees on a deep dive into the secrets of successfully marketing, selling, and designing albums. The workshop will include talks and product demonstrations, a simulated album sales session, and a practical session where the attendees can practise their newly honed sales skills.

© Lara Hotz
© Lara Hotz

Topics covered include: 

  • How to successfully promote and sell more albums
  • How to educate your clients on the importance of printed art
  • How storytelling through great design can increase your album revenue
  • How to shoot weddings with an album in mind
  • Best practices for designing albums
  • Options for designing albums – outsource vs software
  • Insider’s guide on the technical and creative aspects of album production

In the interim, follow this link for 5 amazing ways to sell more albums.


© Renee Blake
© Renee Blake


The one-day intensive workshop will be run on both 24 and 25 June.


The Golden Age Cinema, Surry Hills, Sydney


$695. However, 30% discount available for first 5 people to book using promo code CAPTURE30.


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