I N V I S I B L E by Liz Loh-Taylor

I N V I S I B L E features the work of Melbourne-based humanitarian photographer, Liz Loh-Taylor. Through the use of black and white, her pictures take the viewer on a documentary journey through remote locations across African, Pakistan, and Peru.

© Liz Loh-Taylor
© Liz Loh-Taylor

Anonymity, observation and capturing natural moments 'up-close' are the key signatures of her photography. “I love photographing people, up close, very close, in their space, their world," Loh-Taylor says. "Shooting in black and white enables me to capture the true essence of the moment, without distraction. I am able to focus on the going-ons at the time, focus on my composition, focus on capturing that little snippet of life.”

Opening night, with Liz Loh-Taylor: Friday, 7 September, 6:30pm

About Liz Loh-Taylor

Liz Loh-Taylor
Liz Loh-Taylor

b. 1979 Singapore-born Australian Photographer 
For the past years, Liz Loh-Taylor has worked with numerous developing communities and disadvantaged children in various parts of the world, including Africa, Mexico, and India, amongst others. This has inspired her to leave a finance career to share the stories of those encountered, to raise awareness of important issues around us, and to promote understanding and change. She has pursued projects involving daily life, human interest, poverty, social issues, displacement, and economic development. Loh-Taylor is attracted to people and their way of life, and to situations where the subject matter needs to be enlivened and understood. Photography is a means by which she shares the stories of people and communities, of change, of dignity amongst poverty, of pride amongst destitution, of life!

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