FRESH 19 - group exhibition

Showcasing the work of eight graduates, Photography Studies College (PSC) celebrates the launch of this year’s Art Major graduate exhibition.

© Agata Mayes. Origins (Detail), The Essence Series, Video Installation, 2019.
© Agata Mayes. Origins (Detail), The Essence Series, Video Installation, 2019.

Fresh 19 is a unique, interactive exhibition showcasing the photographic talents of recent graduates. Their collections touch upon formidable realities such as human mortality and impermanence, the female psyche and feelings of shame, the role of heredity and environment in human development, an exploration of the essence of cosmic consciousness, and many others. These themes are depicted through a diverse range of work including large-scale photography prints, photobooks, video projection installations, and a return to the past with the pinhole camera.

One PSC graduate, Agata Mayes, has already had her talents recognised and was awarded 2018 Emerging Photographer of the Year followed by a publication in Capture magazine in 2018. She will be presenting her video installation, Origins, from the series, The Essence, that explores the role of cosmic consciousness and the origins of the universe. Other artists include Sue Brunialti, Angie Bye, Denise Lawry, Neen Magro, Alex Rogers, Zina Sofer, and Sally Thomas.

Opening night – Friday 22 November, 6-9pm.


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