Everywhere was Wherever by Damien Drew


This exhibition is Art Director and Production Designer, Damien Drew’s first solo photographic exhibition. It presents a series of images captured on an 18-day motorcycle trip across the USA. His singular experience has generated a unique perspective of the American road and the images ask us to pay attention to scenes and details habitually passed over, presenting beauty in unlikely places.


With the outward expansion and relentless franchising of roadside America, there is a loss of place and texture. Drew notes Howard Kunstler’s lament of America’s decent into ‘placelessness’ in The Geography of Nowhere, where the country is transformed from vital places and communities to a land where every place is no place in particular. He also speaks of every intersection presenting a choice, yet every destination feeling the same.

Drew’s film credits include The Great Gatsby, Superman Returns, Star Wars and The Matrix films. He studied Architecture at UNSW and his passion for the creation of place and visual story telling is clear and concise. With a humble nod to great documentary image-makers such as Jeff Brouws, Ed Ruscha and Walker Evans, the body of work is a personal moment in time.


The exhibition will be opened by respected television, radio journalist, presenter and producer, Fenella Kernebone, on 3 June.

  • Organised by: Black Eye Gallery

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