Tricia King, The lived experience (Portrait)

Whilst I shoot a lot of portraits (and I have several bodies of work in my submission), it's the first few images which form the series that is my passion. They were taken as part of my Postgraduate Research studies which I'm aligned with a social change project looking at the lived experience in aged care facilities. I'm interested in the residents relationship to photography - given the ongoing everyday role of family photography is to document your life, your milestones and what makes you happy. I'm interested to see at what point you stop taking photos of your lived experience. When do you consider yourself not photo worthy. And how then does your vision of yourself (your inner self-identity) grow old with you when you no longer view yourself in photographs. Most people use their last Facebook image as the identity they want to show the world but - if you are no longer viewing images of yourself - what is your visual identity?