Masterclass 2017


Emerging Photographers' Masterclass
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Shoot for Success

Photo © Marea Reed.
Photo © Marea Reed.

When: Sunday afternoon, 20 August 2017
Venue: SMC Conference and Function Centre, Sydney

In a world awash with images and photographers, talent alone is not enough to guarantee a successful career as a professional photographer.

The path from emerging photographer to successful professional can be challenging, and those with an abundance of passion and perseverance are the ones most likely to succeed. The question is, how can you harness your talent for photography and start taking the right steps to create a rewarding and profitable career?

In this practical half-day event, a selection of some of Australia's top professional photographers will relate their own experiences, and share their best advice on how you can develop and thrive in this competitive marketplace.


Emerging Photographers' Masterclass topics

  • Pricing do's and don'ts 
  • Social media essentials: Making social work for you 
  • How to find and develop your own unique style
  • Moving pictures: New opportunities for photographers
  • How personal projects can boost your business
  • Creative marketing strategies for emerging photographers